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This article is about the shop. For the place, see Forgotten Archive.

Forgotten Relics is a clothing shop located within the Forgotten Archive under the stairs. The shop sells items that are decorated with Zios and Mira symbols. This shop was introduced on September 14, 2017.


The shop is built into the side of a tan stone wall with elegant red pillars on either side. There is a rectangular window set into the wall with a small counter along the base of it. Placed on the counter are the Ancient Mira Arm Bands and the Ancient Zios Arm Bands next to a stand that is holding the Ancient Mira Amulet and Ancient Zios Amulet. Behind the counter is an open space where the Ancient Mira Cape and Ancient Zios Cape can be faintly seen further back. Bright yellow light streams out from the shop's window.


All of the items sold here cost 750 Gems.

List of Available Items
Items Type? Gems.png Members-Only?
Ancient Zios Amulet.PNG Ancient Zios Amulet 2Neck.png 750 No
Ancient zios arm bands.png Ancient Zios Arm Bands 4Legs.png Yes
Ancient zios cape.png Ancient Zios Cape 5Tail.png Yes
Ancient mira amulet.png Ancient Mira Amulet 2Neck.png No
Ancient mira arm bands.png Ancient Mira Arm Bands 4Legs.png Yes
Ancient mira cape.png Ancient Mira Cape 2Neck.png Yes


  • The text on the sign above Hidden Relics reads "SALE" in Tiger Script, a cipher that can also be found in other areas around Jamaa.