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For the pet counterpart, see Pet Fox.
Not to be confused with the Arctic Fox, the Polar Arctic Fox, or the Fennec Fox.

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The Fox is a members-only land animal. They were introduced into Jamaa in July 2012.

Default Appearance

Foxes have small paws, slim legs, and a lean, compact body. Their default color is pale, reddish orange fur, a white underbelly, and maroon ear and leg tips. Their faces are wedge-shaped, with a pointy and narrow nose, the surface being flat, and medium-wide triangular ears; the fox is characterized by its large, fluffy tail. In the right ear, there is an irremovable hole, not unlike the tear in the Arctic Wolves ear.


Acts Description
A small sit where their hind legs shorten by size and their paws stretch out to the ground, revealing their pink paw pads.
Hind legs skip one pace forward, another pace back, while front paws twirl about. Steps in a circle and repeats. It looks somewhat like the hokey-pokey.
Curls up, tail wrapped around body while chest heaves up and down.
Bounces upward, tail swaying. This just seems to be more like a spring type of jump.
Sniffs the ground; swiftly digs a hole and leaps in; comes out through another hole and repeats.


  • The Jamaa Journal released a riddle for a new animal, which turned out to be the Fox.
  • Foxes can open a Foxes Only Gate in The Phantom Portal adventure.
  • Many Jamaaliday items, such as the Holiday Sweater, glitch on Foxes.
  • Foxes were included in the Arctic Fox short titled "It Wasn't Me?"
  • The Fox’s secondary color and pattern color both use a hidden shade of maroon. Once changed, they cannot be changed back.
  • They have an arctic counterpart called the Arctic Fox.
  • The play action resembles the way foxes hunt in real life.
  • If a Fox wears a Unicorn Floatie, it will appear on the neck instead of the waist.
  • When a Fox wears a Bunny Hat, the item appears larger than normal.
  • There are many clothing accessories that incorrectly remain above ground when a Fox dives underground during its play action. Some examples of this can be seen with the Alpha Armor, Eclipse Watch, Eclipse Wings, Flower Armor, Flower Tail, Racing Jacket, and Western Scarf.
  • There was a glitch where if a fox wore a Mask, its snout would stick through the mask. This was later fixed.
  • There is a glitch that if the fox wears a New Year's Party Hat, it will appear as an unreleased color.
  • The fox has many types of plushie counterparts including Pet Fox Plushies, Giant Pet Fox Plushies, Epic Fox Plushies, Giant Fox Plushies, Kit Pillow Pet, Exclusive Fox Plushies and regular Fox Plushies.
  • The fox has a glitch while playing. This glitch was found December 20, 2018, and is still active. When a fox is playing, it will do the normal rotation a bit, and then freeze looking into the hole but not jumping in.
  • When a fox is wearing Jingle Bell Bracelets, they will not appear on the Player Card. However, when the Play action is performed, they appear to be floating while the fox goes through the hole.


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