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The Freedom Collection is an unofficial set of land and underwater clothing and den items that follow the theme of Freedom Day. Many of these items return seasonally each year from the end of June through the beginning of July.


All of the items in this set have red, white, and blue as their primary colors. Also, each item has only one color variety.


  • Each item from this set has "Freedom" in its name.
  • Many of the items in this set are freedom-themed counterparts of regular items.


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Items Type? Members-Only?
Freedom-Shop Freedom-Head-Flower Freedom Head Flower 1-Head No
Freedom helmet prize Freedom Helmet 1-Head No
Freedom-Shop Freedom-Panda-Hat Freedom Panda Hat 1-Head Yes
Freedom-Shop Freedom-Bunny-Hat Freedom Bunny Hat 1-Head No
Shop Freedom-Cape Freedom Cape 5-Tail No
Freedom spring flower bracelet Freedom Spring Flower Bracelet 4-Legs Yes
FCH0 Freedom Chicken Hat 1-Head Yes
Hat-Shop Freedom-Hat
Freedom Hat 1-Head No
185px-Screenshot 2013-12-30 at 1 51 01 PM - Edited Freedom Wings 5-Tail No
Freedom superhero cape Freedom Superhero Cape 5-Tail Yes
Freedom skull necklace Freedom Skull Necklace 2-Neck Yes
FRH00 Freedom Raccoon Hat 1-Head No
FMH00 Freedom Monkey Hat 1-Head Yes
Rare Freedom Mask Freedom Mask 1-Head No
FLH00 Freedom Lion Hat 1-Head Yes
Freedom-Shop Freedom-Knight-Helmet Freedom Knight Helmet 1-Head No
FJH00 Freedom Jester Hat 1-Head Yes
Freedom Hood With Feather Freedom Hood With Feather 1-Head Yes
FFH00 Freedom Fox Hat 1-Head No
Freedom Flower Crown Freedom Flower Crown 1-Head Yes
Freedom Feather Earrings Freedom Feather Earrings 1-Head Yes
FDM00 Freedom Dragon Mask 1-Head No
FCH00 Freedom Cat Hat 1-Head Yes
FAH00 Freedom Astronaut Helmet 1-Head Yes
Freedom airplane wings Freedom Airplane Wings 5-Tail Yes
Freedom-Shop Freedom-Spring-Flower-Crown Freedom Spring Flower Crown 1-Head No
Freedom Spiked Mohawk Freedom Spiked Mohawk 1-Head Yes
Shop Freedom-Bands Freedom Bands 4-Legs No

Den Items[]

Not all of these items return each year.

Summer Carnival[]

The Summer Carnival freedom plushies replace the regular carnival plushies for a limited time each year.

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Name Tickets
Freedom Puppy Plushie Freedom Puppy 1000
Large Freedom Puppy Large Freedom Puppy 5000
Freedom Bunny Plushie Freedom Bunny 1000
Large Freedom Bunny Large Freedom Bunny 5000
Freedom Butterfly Plushie Freedom Butterfly 1000
Large Freedom Butterfly Large Freedom Butterfly 5000
Freedom Hamster Plushie Freedom Hamster 1000
Large Freedom Hamster Large Freedom Hamster 5000
Freedom Kitty Plushie Freedom Kitty 1000
Large Freedom Kitty Large Freedom Kitty 5000
Freedom Snake Plushie Freedom Snake 1000
Large Freedom Snake Large Freedom Snake 5000
Freedom Piglet Plushie Freedom Piglet 1000
Large Freedom Piglet Large Freedom Piglet 5000
Freedom Sugar Glider Plushie Freedom Sugar Glider 1000
Large Freedom Sugar Glider Large Freedom Sugar Glider 5000
Freedom Frog Plushie Freedom Frog 1000
Large Freedom Frog Large Freedom Frog 5000
Freedom Ducky Plushie Freedom Ducky 1000
Large Freedom Ducky Large Freedom Ducky 5000

Jam Mart Furniture[]

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Name Members-Only? Gems
Freedom Sofa Freedom Sofa Yes 800
Freedom Chair Freedom Chair Yes 600
Freedom Rug Freedom Rug No 400
Freedom Lamp Freedom Lamp No 550
Freedom Window Freedom Window No 250
Freedom Coffee Table Freedom Coffee Table Yes 500
Shop Freedom-Banner Freedom Banner No 200

Freedom Shop[]

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Name Members-Only? Gems
Freedom Stepping Stones Freedom Stepping Stones No 450