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Not to be confused with the Friendship Armor Set or the Lovely Lynx Bundle.

The Friendship Bundle is an official set of den and clothing items along with the Pet Love Bunny that were awarded as promotional gifts when Membership is bought from the Animal Jam Website during the month of February. The promotional offer was first advertised in the Jamaa Journal on February 1, 2018, and ended on February 28, 2018.


This offer includes an exclusive Friendship Armor Set, a Pet Love Bunny, the Friendship Cottage Den, and Friendship Den Item Set, as well as a Lynx.



Image Name Type?
Friendshiphelmet.PNG Friendship Helmet 1Head.png
Friendshipamulet.PNG Friendship Amulet 2Neck.png
Friendshiparmor.PNG Friendship Armor 3Body.png
Friendshipgauntlets.PNG Friendship Gauntlets 4Legs.png
Friendshiptailarmor.PNG Friendship Tail Armor 5Tail.png

Den Items

Image Item
Friendshipchair.PNG Friendship Chair
Friendshiplamp.PNG Friendship Lamp
Friendshipsofa.PNG Friendship Sofa
Friendshiptable.PNG Friendship Table
Friendshipwallart.png Friendship Wall Art


  • The variant of the exclusive Friendship Armor from the Friendship bundle includes the color pink in the set when compared to the Friendship Armor set sold in the Diamond Shop, which tends to share similar colors of red, gray, and white.
  • This is one of the few membership bundles rewarded as a promotional gift from the Animal Jam Website.
  • Even though the exclusive Friendship Armor is not purchased from the Diamond Shop, they still have a Diamond icon on it.