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Not to be confused with the Friendship Party.

Good buddies make Jamaa the special place that it is, so all Jammers celebrate their appreciation of friendship during this time.
~ Animal Jam Official Insider's Guide

The Friendship Festival is an event that celebrates the friendship between Buddies. It was first introduced during February 2011, and it returns to Jamaa every year around the same time. It often starts around the end of January, lasting throughout February until early March.


During this event, various parts of Jamaa are decorated with friendship-themed items. Like most other events, Jamaa Township receives most of the decorations. Many of the stores sell exclusive items that are available only during this event.


This event has one exclusive party, the Friendship Party. This party takes place in an altered version of the Princess Castle den and it sells a variety of friendship-themed items.


There is an adventure dedicated to this event, and it is called Special Delivery. This adventure tasks Jammers to help deliver valentines to Jamaa's animals in exchange for exclusive prizes.

Related Items[]

There are many items based on this event, but not all of them return seasonally. Most of the items for this celebrations have a theme of heart shapes and colors of pink and red.

Land Clothing

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ItemTypePriceMembers-Only?Unavailable Since
Cupid Wings 1Cupid Wings3-BodyGems450YesFebruary 11, 2015
Friendship AmuletFriendship Amulet2-NeckDiamond1YesMarch 1, 2024
Friendship Armor shopFriendship Armor3-BodyDiamond3YesMarch 1, 2024
FriendshipbagFriendship Bag3-BodyGems500YesMarch 1, 2024
FriendshipbraceletFriendship Bracelet4-LegsGems450NoCurrently available
Friendship GauntletsFriendship Gauntlets4-LegsDiamond1YesMarch 1, 2024
Friendship HelmetFriendship Helmet1-HeadDiamond2YesMarch 1, 2024
FriendshiprockerhairFriendship Rocker Hair1-HeadDiamond2YesMarch 1, 2024
FriendshiprockerjacketFriendship Rocker Jacket3-BodyDiamond3YesMarch 1, 2024
FriendshiprockerbootsFriendship Rocker Boots4-LegsDiamond2YesMarch 1, 2024
Friendship Tail ArmorFriendship Tail Armor5-TailDiamond2YesMarch 1, 2024
HeartantennaeheadbandHeart Antennae Headband1-HeadGems300YesFebruary 29, 2024
Heart balloon00Heart Balloon3-BodyGems250YesFebruary 2, 2024
HeartBootsHeart Boots4-LegsGems450YesMarch 1, 2024
Heart Bracelet 1Heart Bracelet4-LegsGems400NoMarch 10, 2020
HeartcapeHeart Cape3-BodyGems300YesMarch 1, 2024
HeartEarmuffsHeart Earmuffs1-HeadGems450YesMarch 1, 2024
HeartEarrings1Heart Earrings1-HeadGems600YesMarch 1, 2024
HeartglassesHeart Glasses1-HeadGems150YesMarch 1, 2024
Heart Hat redHeart Hat1-HeadGems750YesFebruary 29, 2024
Heart Locket (Purple, Coloration Variation 1)Heart Locket2-NeckGems150NoJanuary 31, 2014
Shop Heart-Ring PinkHeart Ring4-LegsGems1,000YesMarch 17, 2016
Heart ScarfHeart Scarf2-NeckGems350YesMarch 1, 2024
Heart-Shaped Backpack 1Heart-Shaped Backpack3-BodyGems600NoMarch 2, 2020
Heart Wand 1Heart Wand3-BodyGems400YesMarch 10, 2020
Shop Left-Friendship-Necklace PinkLeft Friendship Necklace2-NeckGems350NoMarch 1, 2024
RightFriendshipNecklace1Right Friendship Necklace2-NeckGems350NoMarch 1, 2024
Rare Heart Skull HelmetRare Heart Skull Helmet1-HeadGems500YesOctober 13, 2015

Den Items

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ItemTypePriceMembers-Only?Unavailable Since
Bouquet Of RosesBouquet Of RosesPlantIconGems200YesMarch 2024
Shop Heart-Chair RedHeart ChairFurnitureGems450YesMarch 1, 2024
Heart ChocolatesHeart ChocolatesDecorationGems250NoMarch 2024
Shop Heart-CouchHeart CouchFurnitureGems300YesMarch 2024
Heart CloudHeart CloudDecorationDiamond3YesMarch 1, 2024
Special-Delivery-Prize 30-M Heart-Flower-BedHeart Flower BedPlantIconN/AN/AYesMarch 8, 2024
Shop New-Years Heart-FlowersHeart FlowersPlantIconGems100NoDecember 28, 2014
HeartJewelryBoxHeart Jewelry BoxDecorationGems600YesMarch 4, 2017
Special-Delivery-Prize 30 Heart-Lava-LampHeart Lava LampFurnitureGems500NoMarch 8, 2024
Heart Mat redHeart MatFurnitureGems375YesMarch 1, 2024
Shop Heart-Pathway PinkHeart PathwayFurnitureGems350YesFebruary 20, 2014
Shop Heart-Pillow MagentaHeart PillowFurnitureGems300YesMay 21, 2016
Heart Rose Archway redHeart Rose ArchwayFurnitureGems650YesFebruary 26, 2017
Heart Table brownHeart TableFurnitureGems400YesMarch 1, 2024
Special-Delivery-Prize 35-M Heart-TargetHeart TargetDecorationN/AN/AYesMarch 8, 2024
Heart TreeHeart TreePlantIconGems500YesMarch 1, 2024
Heart Welcome MatHeart Welcome MatFurnitureGems300NoMarch 1, 2024
Heart Window pinkHeart WindowWallItemGems300YesMarch 1, 2024
Heart WindowsHeart WindowsWallItemN/AN/ANoMarch 8, 2024
HeartwreathHeart WreathWallItemN/AN/ANoMarch 8, 2024
Shop Pink-ChestPink ChestFurnitureGems175YesMarch 1, 2024
Pink crystals00Pink CrystalsDecorationGems300YesMarch 1, 2024
Pink Sofa 1Pink SofaFurnitureGems300YesCurrently available
Pink Swirls StoresPink SwirlsWallFloorGems500YesCurrently available
Princess ChairPrincess ChairFurnitureGems400YesFebruary 1, 2017
Shop Rose-Garland RedRose GarlandWallItemGems250NoFebruary 1, 2017
Wavy Pink WallsWavy Pink WallsWallFloorGems500YesCurrently available
Heart Rug DefaultHeart RugFurnitureGems350YesFebruary 25, 2019
Pink TreasurePink TreasureDecorationGems500YesMarch 1, 2024

Underwater Clothing

Note: All items are members-only.

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ItemTypeGemsUnavailable Since
Heart Eye PatchHeart Eye Patch1-Head250March 1, 2024
Heart NecklaceHeart Necklace2-Neck300March 1, 2024
HeartTridentHeart Trident4-Legs500March 1, 2024