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This article is about the store-bought item. For the promotional gift, see Friendship Helmet (Promo).

The Friendship Helmet is a members-only land clothing item worn on the head.


The Friendship Helmet appears as a white full-face helmet that has large openings for the eyes and a red lining along the base. The red nose-piece of the helmet is split into two parts that extend up above the helmet and curve to form a heart shape. The top of the helmet is grey with two ear-like protrusions sticking out on either side. This item has only one variety.


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  • The Diamond Shop variant is part of the Friendship Armor Set and the Friendship Bundle variant is part of the Friendship Bundle.
  • The Friendship Bundle variant, despite not being a Diamond Shop item, has a Diamond Shop icon when seen in an inventory or trade list.
  • There previously was a glitch where when this item was worn on a Goat, it bounced up and down and flashed a different solid colored version of the helmet. This happened with both the store-bought variety and the promo gift counterpart. With this item, it flashed a solid brown color. This glitch was fixed in a March 2018 update.