The Frog Hat is a members-only land clothing item. It was first released at Jam Mart Clothing on July 16, 2016, but it was later put on clearance and was removed on July 23, 2017. It later returned on July 28, 2018.


The Frog Hat has two large eyes, a smiling mouth, and two straps that resemble frog's legs. When worn, an animated fly buzzes around the hat and then the frog launches out its tongue to eat the fly. This item comes in nine varieties including the rare variant.


  • When worn by a Wolf, Monkey, Bunny, Spring Bunny, Panda, or Koala (while idle, hopping, or sleeping), the animated fly goes back and forth but never gets eaten.
  • When worn by a Rhinoceros while idle and while hopping, the hat's animation restarts right when the frog's tongue hits the fly.
  • The Rare Frog Hat was released in the Shiveer Shoppe for Rare Item Monday on September 17, 2018.



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