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This article is about the game. For the item, see Fruit Slinger (Item).

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Fruit Slinger is a physics mini-game that includes both single-player and multi-player modes. It is located in Appondale, and also available to play in the Sol Arcade. This game was introduced in May 2011. It can also be played in Dens using the den version of the game.


The objective of this game is to destroy all of the Phantoms using different fruit projectiles launched from a slingshot. The Phantoms are hiding inside various forts composed of materials such as glass, wood, and metal all stacked on top of one another. The player can launch the fruit by pressing down with their mouse (which will cause the fruit to be loaded into the slingshot) and the releasing their mouse button, causing the fruit to launch out of the slingshot. The angle and power of the launch can be controlled by either clicking on the slingshot then dragging back or by simply clicking anywhere in the area in front of the slingshot. A dotted line shows the path of the previously fired fruit, allowing the player to adjust accordingly for their next shot. The game is divided into five levels that each has nine sub-levels and one "boss" sub-level at the end for a total of fifty different sub-levels. The player must unlock the levels by defeating all of the Phantoms in the previous level. A magnifying button in the top corner of the screen toggles a close-up view of the slingshot and the fort.


Fruits Description
Dragon Fruit Dragon Fruit This is a basic fruit with no special attributes; it is available starting in level one.
Açaí Berries Açaí Berries This fruit has the special ability to split apart into smaller projectiles mid-air when the user clicks; it is available starting in level two.
Horned Melon Horned Melon This is a heavy type of fruit that will break most of the materials that it hits or lands on; it is introduced in level three.
Star Fruit Star Fruit This is a spinning fruit that will cause most materials to spin and launch up when struck; it is available starting in level four.
Lychee Fruit Lychee Fruit This is a fast type of fruit that uses its momentum to punch through several layers of materials before slowing down; it is introduced in the final level, level five.
Game Fruit-Slinger Dragon-Fruit Game Fruit-Slinger Acai-Berries Game Fruit-Slinger Horned-Melon Game Fruit-Slinger Star-Fruit Game Fruit-Slinger Lychee-Fruit
Fun Facts


Game Fruit-Slinger Multiplayer-1

The multiplayer layout

In the multi-player mode, each player has a fort with one or more Phantoms and a slingshot. The goal of this game mode is to destroy all of the other player's Phantoms first. The Jammer that starts the game first gets to choose the type of fort, but the Jammer that joins them can choose the terrain and gets the first turn. Each player has an unlimited amount of dragon fruit to launch at their opponent, but they can obtain one of the special fruit types by hitting the golden fruit that appears in the sky, although by doing so the player won't hit their opponent's fort and will essentially lose a turn. If the second player (the one that gets the first turn) destroys their opponent's Phantoms first, the other player will get one more turn with a chance to tie the game.


The player is rewarded with 1 Gem for every 1,000 points earned. Points are earned by destroying the materials of the Phantom forts and hitting the Phantoms, with more points earned for the destruction of larger, stronger materials. There are also 5,000 points earned for every unused fruit after the level is completed. The player can also get a golden star fruit stamp for each level that scores higher than 35,000 points. In the multiplayer mode, the winning player also receives a bonus of 25 Gems.


There are nine achievements that can be earned by playing Fruit Slinger:

Achievements Description
Fruit Salad! Fruit Salad! Play Fruit Slinger 10 times
Fruit Cake! Fruit Cake! Play Fruit Slinger 20 times
Fruit Juice! Fruit Juice! Play Fruit Slinger 35 times
Fruit Basket! Fruit Basket! Play Fruit Slinger 50 times
Peachy Keen! Peachy Keen! Complete Level 10 of Fruit Slinger
Top Banana! Top Banana! Complete every level of Fruit Slinger
Fruit Of The Doom! Fruit Of The Doom! Defeat 300 Phantoms in Fruit Slinger
Kaboom! Kaboom! Defeat all the Phantoms in a fort with one shot in Fruit Slinger
Ripe! Ripe! Win 25 multiplayer games of Fruit Slinger


  • After each "boss" level (and after a multiplayer game), a trivia fact about fruit is displayed.
  • If a Phantom is hit but it is not strong enough to destroy them, they will get a dizzy effect where their eye rolls around and animated stars appear above them.
  • If a part of the fort falls on a Phantom but it is not destroyed, it will get a worried look on its face.
  • This game seems to be based on other "flinging" type mobile games such as Crush the Castle (2009) and Angry Birds (2010). 
  • It is a multiplayer game, along with Gem Breaker, Spider Zapper, Wind Rider, and River Race


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