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This article is about newer room in Kimbara Outback. For the older room in Jamaa Township, see Medical Center.

Gabby's Animal Hospital is a medical-themed location in Jamaa. It was formerly known as the Medical Center until an update on September 15, 2016. It was introduced in Kimbara Outback upon the land's release in July 2013 but it was not actually opened until September 12, 2013. It was considered to be the reintroduction of the Medical Center due to the identical names and similar themes. However, this room and the original Medical Center were very different from each other.


There are two levels in the building. The lower level has a storefront by the door that can be clicked to access the Hospital Shop. Beyond the entrance is a table with three cushions around it that contains paper and many art utensils. There is a large glass display case that contains three mannequins - a wolf, an otter, and a giraffe - wearing items from the Hospital Shop. There are four paintings of animals arranged on the walls. The upper level of the building contains a leopard-printed seating area, a cartoonish monkey anatomy diagram, a plant that resembles a Baby Palm tree, a counter with medical supplies on it, a sink, an animal operation table with a penlight and stethoscope, and both a theater and a pile of tapes that can be clicked on to watch educational animal videos from Gabby.

The music in this room is very upbeat and energetic.


Hospital Shop[]

The Hospital Shop is a land clothing item store that is located in this room. It can be seen inside the building at the front and it only sells medical themed clothing accessories for land animals.

Gabby Wild Videos[]

The upper floor has a projector screen above the metal operating table, as well as a pile of old film reels. When clicked, these open a pop-up window that lists all of the current educational videos in which Dr. Gabby Wild talks about animals and being a veterinarian. On the operating table, there is a stethoscope and a penlight that can be clicked to open short videos where Gabby describes how veterinarians use these tools to help animals. There is also a framed picture of Gabby on the counter that can be clicked on to view Gabby's introduction video.


  • Before the room was remodeled, the animal operating table on the upper floor of the room was once a hospital bed that only flying animals could reach.
  • Before the room was remodeled, the framed pictures on the walls could be clicked on to watch educational animal videos. After the remodel, the pictures were replaced with paintings of animals that do not do anything when clicked on.
  • The letters on the eye chart by the door spell out the names of several Alphas.
  • There was a period of time where the Medical Center had no watchable videos from sometime in 2014 until September 2016.
  • In March 2018, the video area was replaced by a glass display of three mannequins that can be clicked on to open the Hospital Shop.
  • The coloring table on the lower level of the room could once be clicked on to open a Print and Play menu, but it is no longer a clickable object.