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This article is about the game. For the item, see Gem Ball (Item).

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Gem Ball is a single-player mini-game that was first released during the Beta Testing in 2010. It is located on the second floor of the Chamber of Knowledge, across from Mira Says. Like most games, it can also be played at the Sol Arcade and through the Games menu.


The player controls a spring-loaded rod that tosses the ball into the grid of pins. The speed of the ball can be controlled by clicking and holding down the button to increase the power of the spring. If the player hits and consequently lights up all three Zios faces, they will receive a 75 Gems bonus jackpot. The ball will eventually land in one of several slots that are numbered based on their Gems value.


There are six achievements that can be earned by playing Gem Ball:

Achievements Description
Play Ball! Play Ball! Play Gem Ball 10 times
On The Ball! On The Ball! Play Gem Ball 20 times
Having A Ball! Having A Ball! Play Gem Ball 35 times
Great Balls Of Fire! Great Balls Of Fire! Play Gem Ball 50 times
Jackpot! Jackpot! Earn the jackpot in Gem Ball
Double Jackpot! Double Jackpot! Earn 2 jackpots in one game of Gem Ball


  • This is based on the real-world game Pachinko.
  • The maximum reward from a single round is 255 Gems by getting all 10 balls into the 3 Gem slots and also getting 3 jackpots.
  • So far, it is the only game dedicated to Zios.


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