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Giant Plushies are a type of plushie; however, they are not found in The Claw. They can be obtained from the Summer Carnival Shop (for 3,000 Tickets), the Diamond Shop (for 1 Diamond), or won in The Forgotten Desert. Most of the original types were formerly sold at the Museum Den Shop from April 14, 2011, all the way until the den shop was closed on October 10, 2013. The original types have no special variations like normal plushies do, but each of the Diamond Shop releases includes ten different color varieties and each of the Summer Carnival releases has seven color varieties.


The Snow Leopard plushie has the main color of all the snow leopards including the animal, a blue, a green, purple, and more. The main Giant Plushies only have one, all include the regular colors of all the animals in the beginning.


Museum Den Shop[]

The Giant Raccoon Plushie is the only non-member plushie that was sold in the Museum Den Shop.

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Animal-Museum-Shop Giant-Bunny-Plushie Giant Bunny Plushie
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Crocodile-Plushie Giant Crocodile Plushie
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Elephant-Plushie Giant Elephant Plushie
Animal Jam Giant Fox Plushies Giant Fox Plushie
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Giraffe-Plushie Giant Giraffe Plushie
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Horse-Plushie Giant Horse Plushie
Animal-Museum-Shop Giant-Koala-Plushie Giant Koala Plushie
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Monkey-Plushie Giant Monkey Plushie
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Panda-Plushie Giant Panda Plushie
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Penguin-Plushie Giant Penguin Plushie
Conservation-Museum Giant-Raccoon-Plushie Giant Raccoon Plushie
Animal-Museum Giant-Rhino-Plushie Giant Rhino Plushie
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Seal-Plushie Giant Seal Plushie
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Tiger-Plushie Giant Tiger Plushie
Animal-Museum-Shop Giant-Wolf-Plushie Giant Wolf Plushie

Summer Carnival[]

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GDP 1 Giant Dolphin Plushie
Giant-Octopus-Plushie Pink Shop Giant Octopus Plushie
Giant-Turtle-Plushie Green Shop Giant Turtle Plushie
GSP 1 Giant Shark Plushie
Giant-Pet-Fox-Plushie-1 Giant Pet Fox Plushie
GPMP 1 Giant Pet Monkey Plushie
GPOP 1 Giant Pet Owl Plushie
GPSP 1 Giant Pet Spider Plushie
Large-Butterfly-Plushie Green Shop Large Butterfly Plushie
Large-Ducky-Plushie Yellow Shop Large Ducky Plushie
Large-Frog-Plushie Green Shop Large Frog Plushie
Large-Hamster-Plushie Orange Shop Large Hamster Plushie
Large-Kitty-Plushie-1 Large Kitty Plushie
Large-Rabbit-Plushie Pink Shop Large Rabbit Plushie
Large-Snake-Plushie Blue Shop Large Snake Plushie
Large-Pet-Piglet-Plushie-1 Large Pet Piglet Plushie
Large-Pet-Sugar-Glider-Plushie-1 Large Pet Sugar Glider Plushie

Freedom Day[]

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Large Freedom Bunny Large Freedom Bunny
Large Freedom Butterfly Large Freedom Butterfly
Large Freedom Ducky Large Freedom Ducky
Large Freedom Frog Large Freedom Frog
Large Freedom Hamster Large Freedom Hamster
Large Freedom Kitty Large Freedom Kitty
Large Freedom Piglet Large Freedom Piglet
Large Freedom Puppy Large Freedom Puppy
Large Freedom Snake Large Freedom Snake
Large Freedom Sugar Glider Large Freedom Sugar Glider

Diamond Shop[]

The Giant Kangaroo Plushie is the only non-member plushie that can be bought in the Diamond Shop.

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Giant-Arctic-Wolf-Plushie White Giant Arctic Wolf Plushie
Giant cheetah 01 Giant Cheetah Plushie
Giant Clysdale Horse Plushie Giant Clydesdale Horse Plushie
Giant Cougar Plushie Giant Cougar Plushie
Giant Coyote Plushie 1 Giant Coyote Plushie
Giant Eagle Plushie Blue Giant Eagle Plushie
Giant flamingo plushie Giant Flamingo Plushie
DS Giant Falcon Plushie purple Giant Falcon Plushie
Giant goat plushie Giant Goat Plushie
Giant Hyena Plushie 1 Giant Hyena Plushie
Giantroo1 Giant Kangaroo Plushie
Diamond-Shop Giant-Lion-Plushie Default Giant Lion Plushie
Diamond-Shop Giant-Llama-Plushie Giant Llama Plushie
Giant lynx plushie Giant Lynx Plushie
Giant Otter Plush Standard Giant Otter Plushie
Diamond-Shop Giant-Owl-Plushie Giant Owl Plushie
Diamond-Shop Giant-Polar-Bear-Plushie White Giant Polar Bear Plushie
Giant Red Plushie Plushie 1 Giant Red Panda Plushie
GiantSheepPlushie1 Giant Sheep Plushie
DS Giant Sloth Plushie olive Giant Sloth Plushie
Diamond-Shop Giant-Snow-Leopard-Plushie Giant Snow Leopard Plushie
Giant Spring Phantom Plushie Giant Spring Phantom Plushie
Giant-Toucan-Plushie-Original Giant Toucan Plushie


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Items Location
Black giant wolf plushie shops Black Giant Wolf Plushie Epic Wonders
Giant Frog Plushie Giant Frog Plushie Leap Year Shop


  • There is no giant plushie version of the Pig or Lemur.
  • There are only two non-member giant plushies, the Giant Kangaroo Plushie and the Giant Raccoon Plushie.
  • Some Giant Plushies that are no longer sold will include a Rare tag, such as the Giant Frog Plushie and the Monthly Member Gifts version of the Giant Lion Plushie.
  • The Giant Lion Plushie is the only giant plushie to be released in two different forms: first a rare Monthly Membership Gift form, and then later re-released as a normal Diamond Shop form.
  • Sometimes an unreleased giant plushie is used as a decoration in one of AJHQ's Epic Dens. These are typically released at a later date.