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The Glorious Goat Bundle is an official set of den and clothing items that are awarded as promotional gifts when Membership is bought from the Animal Jam website during November 2018. The promotional offer was first advertised on the Animal Jam Homepage on November 1, 2018, and ended on November 30, 2018.


This offer includes an exclusive Armor Set, a Pet GoatRegal Winter Palace den, exclusive den items, and a Goat.



Item Type
LegendaryGoatHorns.png Legendary Goat Horns 1Head.png
WovenScarf.png Woven Scarf 2Neck.png
WovenBlanket.png Woven Blanket 3Body.png
FancyGoatHooves.png Fancy Hooves 4Legs.png
FancyGoatTail.png Fancy Goat Tail 5Tail.png

Den Items

GoatSofa.png Goat Sofa
GoatWallDecal.png Goat Wall Decal
GoatTable.png Goat Table
GoatPastureWindow.png Goat Pasture Window
GoatStreamer.png Goat Streamer
HangingGoatLantern.png Hanging Goat Lantern
GoatLamp.png Goat Lamp
GoatHoofRug.png Goat Hoof Rug
GoatFountain.png Goat Fountain
GoatChair.png Goat Chair
GoatBeanBag.png Goat Bean Bag
GoatArchway.png Goat Archway