Greely's Haunted Hideout is a members-only land den. It could have been earned by purchasing a membership in the month of October 2018.


Greely's Haunted Hideout is a Night of the Phantoms-themed version of the Greely's Hideout den. There are cobwebs throughout the den and the pools of orange magma in the original den are replaced with a toxic, neon green substance. The Lines of Power in the center of the den are replaced with a similar-looking emblem that contains a large Phantom, a bat, a pumpkin, and a ghost. The scenery outside of the den is darker with a foggier theme than that of Greely's Hideout; there is a full moon present in the view of Jamaa Township and the Phantom Fortress can be seen from the top of the den. The Greely's Passage in the lower part of the den is replaced by a slightly modified version of the Phantom King Statue that has more of the toxic, green substance flowing out of its eye.


  • The view of Jamaa Township still shows Club Geoz, a room that is now nonexistent.
  • This item is part of the Haunted Hideout Bundle.
  • Unlike Greely's Hideout, when the player's avatar goes on the pipes, they get covered with green slime instead of lava. The same green slime is used in the Epic Haunted Manor.


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