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Greely's Inferno is a non-member adventure that can be played with a group of up to four Jammers. It was introduced in Jamaa Journal Volume 108 on December 19th, 2013, and the Hard difficulty mode was later introduced soon after on January 9th, 2014. This adventure continues the story from The Great Escape, and it features the wolf alpha Greely with appearances by Cosmo, Graham, and Liza as well. On the January 18th, 2018 update, this adventure became available for all Jammers.


1. The player begins the adventure at the base of a volcano with Cosmo. Cosmo explains that the player must meet with Graham near the top of the volcano.

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  • The path up the volcano is guarded by numerous Phantoms and several Phantom Watchers which must be avoided and can be turned off using nearby levers. The player must also watch out for falling Phantoms, which will damage half a heart if touched. As these Phantoms approach the ground, their shadows become larger and can be avoided.

2. Toward the top of the volcano, the player will encounter Graham. Graham explains that there is a secret passage into the volcano that is blocked by a boulder, which can be destroyed using a Boomseed. Graham also gives the player a gear and explains that it can be used to repair his Spotbright devices, which the Phantoms have taken into the volcano.

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3. Upon entering the volcano, the player must explore and clear a path to the floor emblem.

  • The first minor obstacle is a door that is powered by a nearby Glowing Crystal. This crystal device can be activated by a nearby damaged Spotbright, which can be repaired with the gear provided by Graham. The Spotbright can be rotated to shine the light in one of four directions. When the light reaches the crystal, the door will open.
  • In the first section of the volcano interior, the player must use a torch to light Fire Drums that will activate mushroom bridges. This first section of the volcano is guarded by some Phantoms as well as a Phantom Watcher that can be turned off at a nearby lever.

4. Further into the volcano, the player will find a floor emblem that powers a door to continue. The emblem must be activated by placing four Lava Crystals into the designated slots.

  • The Lava Crystals can be found nearby the emblem, but access to them is blocked off by Phantom Pipes that are spewing out Phantom goo. These Phantom Pipes must be plugged with corks that are dropped by some of the Phantoms.
  • Some of the corks are locked behind doors that must be opened by powering nearby crystals with the Spotbright devices. These Spotbright devices can be repaired with Gears that are dropped by the surrounding Phantoms.
  • After repairing the Spotbright devices, they must be rotated, along with the surrounding Rotating Mirrors, as part of a puzzle to make the light reach the Glowing Crystals.

5. After the floor emblem door is opened, the path leads across some Phantom Pipe walkways and the rim of the volcano, all of which are guarded by many Phantoms. Back inside the volcano, the path is blocked by an archway made from more Phantom Pipes that is spewing out Phantom goop.

  • The Phantom Pipe archway can be plugged with a cork just like a regular Phantom Pipe. The cork is guarded by a by a Phantom Sprouter.
  • The next obstacle is another Phantom Pipe archway that can be plugged with a cork. The cork can be found behind a door that is opened by solving another mirror puzzle involving damaged Spotbright devices. The gears needed to fix the Spotbright devices can once again be found by defeating nearby Phantoms.

6. After the player must explore and clear a path to Greely's Passage. This final path is guarded by numerous Phantoms and Phantom Sprouters. The second half of this path introduces lava blocks that cycle between cool and hot every few seconds. If walked on while hot, the player will lose hearts.

7. Once at Greely's Passage, the nearby Phantom Pipes must be plugged with corks to lure Greely out of his hiding spot. When Greely appears, he will scold the player that they have alerted the Phantom King. The player must go through the door of Greely's Passage and defeat the Phantom King themselves.

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  • Defeating the Phantom King here is the same as in other adventures. The player should get the Phantom King to slam by moving close to him and then drop Boomseeds around him while he is disoriented. For every few successful Boomseed hits on the Phantom King, he will summon several Phantoms around the area.
  • While fighting the Phantom King, the player should avoid the Phantoms falling from above.

8. After the Phantom King has been defeated, Greely will appear and warn the player that the volcano is about to erupt. The player must escape the volcano while Greely attempts to stop the eruption. While escaping, the player must once again avoid Phantoms falling from above.

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9. After exiting the volcano, the player will meet the other Alphas that offer congratulations and admit that Greely was a hero. Finally, the player can collect their reward and exit through the portal.

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Treasure Chest Normal Hard
Top Left Chest Greelys-Inferno Prize Spotbright.png Spotbright Greelys-Inferno Hard Prize Greelys-Library.png Greely's Library
Top Middle Chest Greelys-Inferno Prize Greelys-Wardrobe.png Greely's Wardrobe Gems.png 1,500 Gems
Top Right Chest Gems.png 750 Gems Gems.png 1,000 Gems
Bottom Left Chest Gems.png 1,000 Gems Greelys-Inferno Hard Prize Greelys-Desk.png Greely's Desk
Bottom Right Chest Greelys-Inferno Prize Greelys-Blackboard.png Greely's Blackboard Greelys-Inferno Hard Prize Greelys-Passage.png Greely's Passage

Animal Passages

Wolf Passage

The Wolf Passage.

The Wolf passage can be found in both Normal and Hard difficulty modes. It is located at the top of the room just after clearing the volcano's rim.

Clothing Items
Bat Glasses
Bunny Hat
Candy Cane Crown
Candy Cane Tiara
Dragon Mask
Freedom Mask
Hat and Beard
Hat And Curly Wig
Heart Locket
Horned Leg Pads
Knight Helmet
Lollipop Necklace
Mech Angel Wings
Old Hood
Pirate Sword
Rare Bow and Arrows
Rare Glove
Rare Fox Hat
Round Glasses

Arctic Wolf Passage

The Arctic Wolf Passage.

The Arctic Wolf passage can only be found on the Hard difficulty mode. It is located at the end of the adventure inside the collapsing volcano around the area where the fire emblem was previously found.

Clothing Items
Dragon Mask
Fancy Top Hat
Freedom Hat
Freedom Mask
Horned Leg Pads
Rare Bow and Arrows
Rare Lei
Rare Tiara
Rare Spiked Hair
Turkey Hat
Wreath Necklace


  • This is the third adventure with a non-member-animal cave originally. The first is Meet Cosmo, the second is The Great Escape, and the third is The Search For Greely hard mode (after the Phantom Gate), and the fifth is Bubble Trouble hard mode.
  • The falling Phantoms en route up the volcano is an obvious reference to the game Falling Phantoms.
  • On both Modes, there is a secret ledge accessible on the way up the volcano. It contains a chest with 200 Gems inside.
  • There is a glitch when the player first enters the volcano, where the message "it looks like a gear fits here." appears after Graham has given them the gear.
  • There is a glitch where after the cut-scene showing the Phantom King slamming, the adventure will stay stuck on the clip; the falling Phantoms will still be moving, just frozen in place. The player will have to log out or exit the adventure as there is no way to continue the adventure.
  • This adventure is the first where the player begins with Boomseeds in their inventory.


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