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For the event related to this shop, see Hatapalooza.

The Hat Shop is a store that only appears during certain Hatapalooza events. It sells hats and other clothing accessories worn on the head. The shop is actually divided into three parts selling different items in Jamaa Township, Crystal Sands, and Coral Canyons. It was first introduced on January 17, 2013, and is only available during the event, which typically lasts for two weeks.


Each section of this shop appears as a tall cart positioned along a walkway of one of the lands. The cart has a wooden frame with blue paneling at the base and a striped green canvas for the roof. The middle of the cart has shelves where hats are displayed and the end of the cart includes a cash register. Placed on the shelves are various hats such as the Phantom Hat, Fancy Top Hat, Scary Bell Hat, and Monkey Hat.


Crystal Sands

Items Gems.png Members-Only?
Bowler Hat black.png Bowler Hat 275 Yes
Hat-Shop Freedom-Hat.png Freedom Hat 75 No
Scary Bell Hat.jpg Scary Bell Hat 250 Yes
Leprechaun hat00.png Leprechaun Hat 150 Yes
Shop Lion-Hat White.png Lion Hat 200 Yes
HS Phantom Hat.png Phantom Hat 125 Yes

Coral Canyons

Items Gems.png Members-Only?
Fry Hat 1.jpg Fry Hat 225 Yes
Witch Hat new black.png Witch Hat 150 Yes
Freedom Lion Hat.png Freedom Lion Hat 400 Yes
Freedom Monkey Hat.png Freedom Monkey Hat 250 Yes
Freedom Chicken Hat.png Freedom Chicken Hat 375 Yes
Shop Police-Hat Blue.png Police Hat 75 No

Jamaa Township

Items Gems.png Members-Only?
Milkshake Hat 1.jpg Milkshake Hat 275 Yes
Hamburger Hat 1.jpg Burger Hat 250 Yes
Hat-Shop Top-Hat crop.png Top Hat 75 Yes
Freedom-Shop Freedom-Panda-Hat.png Freedom Panda Hat 250 Yes
Hat-Shop Fancy-Top-Hat Blue.png Fancy Top Hat 150 No
Eyeball Hat 2012 blue.jpg Eyeball Hat 125 Yes



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