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Not to be confused with the Epic Haunted Manor or the Pet Haunted House.

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The Haunted Mansion is a members-only land den that was released during October 2011. It was initially sold for Gems at the Den Shop, but it was relocated to the Diamond Shop and its price changed to Diamonds on its fourth release in 2014. This den was originally sold only during the Night Of The Phantoms each year, but it was replaced by the Epic Haunted Manor in 2015.


The Haunted Mansion includes a dilapidated greenhouse, a living room, and three bedrooms. The whole mansion has Phantom wallpaper that has rips and peeling edges. The greenhouse has a spike on top of it that has been tied to Spooky Balloons. The moon is visible above the roof.


  • This Den was featured in the versions of the Spooky Party prior to October 2015, but the party had a horizontally-flipped layout, included more garden areas than the den version, and added a basement.
  • The pictures on the wall appear to move their eyes.
  • The Pet Haunted House is a pet-sized item based on this den. 
  • There is a possibility that this den will not return to the Diamond Shop, as an updated version of this den has been released.


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