For the shop found inside this party, see Heatwave Shop.

The Heatwave Party is a seasonal party with a summer/beach theme and it can be accessed by all Jammers. It was first introduced during February 2012 and usually can be found during January to March. This party was not hosted during 2015 and 2016; however, it returned on January 5, 2017, and it also returned on January 4, 2018.


The Heatwave Party is set at a Water Park Den that has been flipped horizontally with the entire layout mirrored. It is decorated with beach-themed items such as the towels sold during previous years, the Seahorse fountain from Bahari Bay, and the beach umbrellas available in the party shop.


This party has three water slides and two pools of water that can be used by all Jammers. There is also a Smoothie Machine where players can make a drink that can be carried around the party until it disappears. A shop can be found under a striped awning that sells beach related den items for your den.


  • When this party returned in 2017, a glitch occurred where Jammers could not use the shop, open their buddy list, chat, or leave the party without having to refresh the page.


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