The Hidden Juno Statue is a non-member den item that was released on August 16, 2018. It can be redeemed by entering the code Juno. It was revealed to be a code when a player clicked on some writing next to the ancient statue of Juno in the Temple of the Ancients.


The Hidden Juno Statue is a glossy bust of the Arctic Wolf Alpha Juno. It has ecru/cream colored fur with mustard yellow patterns as well as a bright red base and face. The muzzle has a black tip as the nose, and an arrow-like stripe pattern pointing up the snout. Each eye is white with a golden outline pattern that includes a stripe leading down and a dot on the outer corner. The neck has a pattern of small triangles pointing down, arranged in a necklace like shape. The sides of the head have a pattern of curved stripes that flare out starting at the brow. This item has only one variety.