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Not to be confused with Phantom Hoodie, Spring Sun Hoodie, or Snowflake Hoodie.

The Hoodie is an unreleased non-member clothing item that is worn on the body. It has never been released officially and cannot be obtained by any legitimate means, but it was discovered in 2015.


The Hoodie is dark black with a light blue hood and cuffs. It also has white strings on the hood. It is unknown if this item has variants.


  • This item appears to be very similar to the Phantom Hoodie in every way except for its inventory icon and the fact it doesn't have a Phantom logo on it. Due to the fact this item was discovered long before the Phantom Hoodie, it can be theorized that AJHQ re-used the idea of the Hoodie for it.
  • It is unknown if it still exists in the game.
  • It may have been part of AJHQ's "Submit your own Item Idea Contest."
  • No known person, hacker or normal player has ever been in possession of this item.