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Hoppin' Around is a members-only musical den item.

Cover Art[]

The cover art shows a portion of the Bunnies Only Party, where there are two brown drums with tan batter heads with purple swirls and pink dots decorated on them. Two carrots are planted in the grass behind the drums. The setting is underground.


The first few notes are akin to chimes and later a banjo comes into hearing, overlaid by a flute playing over the before melodies. Some of the background music stops while the flute carries on playing.


The Hoppin' Around was initially released in May 2012 in the Bunnies Only Shop. It was most recently released in December 2021 in the Bunnies Only Shop and left on an unknown date.

Release History Details
OriginArrival DateDeparture Date
Bunnies Only ShopMay 2012Unknown
Bunnies Only ShopFebruary 25, 2018Unknown
Bunnies Only ShopDecember 2021N/A


  • This is the same music that plays in the Bunnies Only Party.
  • This song is featured as the third track on the album AJ's Greatest Hits under the name of "Bunny Party".