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For the shop found inside this party, see Horses Only Shop.

The Horses Only Party is a members-only party that requires a Horse to participate. Due to horses being member animals, the party cannot be accessed by non-members under normal circumstances. It was first introduced on March 29, 2012, and was not seen for a while. The party came back around early 2017.


The party takes place in a location similar to the Ol' Barn Den but flipped horizontally with a mirrored layout. It is decorated with horse and farm-related items that are scattered around the party. This party has a farm theme mixed with a western theme as well.


This party has two shops that are both located on the first floor along the right side: a clothing accessory shop at a table in the corner and a den item shop just to the right of it. There is also a mud pool found in the bottom right that turns the player brown when they enter it just like the Mud Puddle in Appondale or the Chocolate Pool in the Gingerbread House Den. Outside the barn is a horseshoe-shaped water trough that, once clicked, will give the player a horseshoe to carry around. Jamaa Derby can be played in this party by finding its game icon outside the barn near a checkered finish line. This party was updated sometime in April 2012 with a new shop for music located on the second floor. This party was updated again sometime during June 2012 to include a horses-only claw machine where jammers can win horse plushies.


This party plays music called Train Trottin' in a loop, which is available as den music for members only. The beginning of the song seems to have horses clicking their hooves, and then it is followed by a train whistle.


  • This is one of the few parties to sell Clothing Items.
  • It might be possible to join this party as a non-member, but it would require the "non-member as a member animal" glitch.
  • This party and the Cloud Party are the only parties that non-members cannot enter under normal circumstances.
  • Many of the items sold here were originally sold in Jam Mart Furniture and Jam Mart Clothing.
  • This party sells non-member items even though non-members cannot enter normally.
  • Due to being a horse, the Clydesdale Horse and Arabian Horse can enter the party, too.
  • Even though this den is based off the Ol' Barn den, there is a patch of mud on the far right that is not accessible through the normal den.


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