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The Hot Cocoa Hut is a place in Mt. Shiveer. It was released alongside Mt. Shiveer in January 2011.


The exterior appearance of the Hot Cocoa Hut, as seen in Mt. Shiveer, is a purple tent sewn in with various patches. A sign showing a cup of hot chocolate is displayed above the entrance. Inside, a fireplace is located at the far left end of the room. Near the fireplace, there is a rack of coats, and there is also a machine with a moving lever. Five pillows of different colors are spread and laid across the floor.


Shiveer Shoppe[]

The Shiveer Shoppe is a shop that sells winter-themed clothing items. It can be accessed by clicking on the rack of coats next to the fireplace.

Hot Cocoa Machine[]

The Hot Cocoa Machine is a game that allows Jammers to create a customized cup of hot chocolate, which will be displayed as a Holdable. Jammers can play it by clicking on the icon hovering next to the machine.


The music is slow and soothing, seeming to be played by a piccolo. There are the noises of what seems to be fire gently cracking, accompanied by the sound of the Hot Cocoa Machine processing cocoa.


  • The initials "SBI" on the coffee bean bags stand for "Smart Bomb Interactive", the former name of the company that developed Animal Jam Classic, WildWorks.
  • In 2017, the Hot Cocoa Hut was extended at the top.