This article is about the den item. For the game, see Hot Cocoa Machine.

The Hot Cocoa Machine is a members-only den item. It was first released in April 2012 as one of the Monthly Member Gifts. It was re-released in February 2014 at the Diamond Shop, but later left stores. It has since returned.


The Hot Cocoa Machine is a large wooden machine with a sign on the front that depicts a wide mug topped with whipped cream. The center of the machine has two pedals in the front along the ground, a platform that supports a mug in the middle, a large funnel connected to a pipe above the mug, and a vent pipe that spews out wisps of animated steam at the very top. One side of the machine features a lever near the base with a color-coded dial of red, yellow, and green as well as mysterious knob towards the top. The other side of the machine has a large cog embedded into the ground, a mysterious crank at the middle of the machine, and some type of wooden water tank tied to the top of the machine by a rope. Many of the machine parts are animated and move continuously. There is only one version of this item.



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