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Not to be confused with the Arctic Armor Set.

The Ice Armor Set is a promotional gift that was originally obtained by redeeming a membership gift card from November 2013 until January 2014. It consists of five matching armor items for the head, neck, back, legs, and tail. The items in the set were later added to the Diamond Shop on January 9, 2014. The Ice Armor Set then left in March of 2017. It was available as a gift for members on December 4, 2017.


All of the items in this set are light blue with a shiny surface. The items also include sharp, crystal-like segment and an animated sparkle effect when worn.


Note: All items are members-only.

ItemTypeDiamondUnavailable Since
Diamond-Shop Ice-HelmetIce Helmet1-Head2February 1, 2019
Diamond-Shop Ice-AmuletIce Amulet2-Neck1February 1, 2019
Diamond-Shop Ice-ArmorIce Armor3-Body3February 1, 2019
Diamond-Shop Ice-GauntletsIce Gauntlets4-Legs1February 1, 2019
Diamond-Shop Ice-Tail-ArmorIce Tail Armor5-Tail2February 1, 2019


  • When the Ice helmet is worn by a Snow Leopard, it will not appear in the Photo Booth.
  • The armor set was given clearance tags during April 2016, but the tags were removed after an update.


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