Not to be confused with the Unicorn Horn and the Crystal Pegasus Horn.

The Icicle Horn is a non-member land clothing item. It was first released on December 19, 2014, and it has returned for each year in the Jamaaliday Gift Calendar. It was re-released on January 10, 2019, with the previously unreleased red variant.


The Icicle Horn is shaped like a sharp cone with a dark helix spiral carved into it. There is a small pile of snow at the very bottom of the horn. This item comes in nine different varieties including the rare black variant.


  • The Rare-tag variant was released in Jam Mart Clothing on January 29, 2018, for Rare Item Monday.
  • Despite numerous claims, there is no evidence that the red variant was ever obtained legitimately from the Jamaaliday Gift Calendar. This is because the last variant of every clothing item on the Jamaaliday Calendar is programmed specifically to never spawn; the last variant of the Icicle Horn is red. This means it could only be obtained through hacking.



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