Not to be confused with the Caged Phantom or the Trapped Phantom.

The Imprisoned Phantoms is a non-member den item. It was first obtainable on May 12, 2012, by entering the code "PESKYPHANTOMS", but this code expired on May 31, 2012. It was later obtainable on March 28, 2014, by entering the code "THANKS" and expired later during the year.


The Imprisoned Phantoms consists of a locked cell that contains Phantoms. The front of the cell has a large, hinged door that uses vertical metal bars like a prison door. There is a thick metal chain strung across the outside of the door with an odd, glowing padlock in the center. The phantoms inside the cell are animated and hover just off the ground, periodically sending out arcs of electricity in the color blue, red, yellow, green, or purple depending on the variety. When clicked, the phantoms will appear to become agitated and stir up a cloud of dust. The door frame has two different varieties that are either rectangular arched. This item has ten different varieties in total.


  • The code "PESKYPHANTOMS" was first announced as valid in a Jam-A-Gram.
  • The code "THANKS" was announced as valid in the Daily Explorer.
  • There is a glitch where the phantom's electric bolts may appear white.