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The new Jam-A-Gram system.

Jam-A-Grams, often abbreviated to JAG, is the form of mailing used in Animal Jam Classic. It can be used by all Jammers to send messages to other players even if they are offline. Members can send custom messages with a 70 character limit, with the same dictionary as Restricted Chat, but non-members can only use the predefined bubble-chat phrases. There is also a members-only gifting function to send an item with the Jam-A-Grams, but it can only be used when sending messages to other members. The player can send up to 5 Jam-A-Grams to each Jammer every day.

On April 28th, 2016 there was an update with a new button, where, just like the Jammer Wall, players can choose if they want everyone, no one, or just buddies to be allowed to send them Jam-A-Grams.


A Jam-A-Gram sent to the player will include a background card that depicts an image and one of a variety of stamps placed on the right side of the card. The Jam-A-Gram will also include a text area along the bottom of the card that displays the received message. The Jammer that sent the player the Jam-A-Gram will get their name displayed in the bottom corner below the Jam-A-Gram, and this name can be clicked to open up the Jammer's profile. A "Reply" button is also available below the Jam-A-Gram, and it can be clicked to automatically create a new Jam-A-Gram that is marked to be sent to the Jammer.

When creating a new Jam-A-Gram, the default includes a phrase stating "AJ Classic Rocks!" with a stamp and a background card that both vary depending on the season. There is a "Change Stamp" button that can be used to select from one of over thirty different stamps. The background card for a Jam-A-Gram can be selected from a wide variety of options that include cards based on animals, activities, places around Jamaa, and even special event cards that are only available during certain times of the year. Below the card is a text box for entering the message and a "Messages" button for selecting one of the bubble-chat phrases. The "Add A Gift" button is optional and can be used to attach a gift to the Jam-A-Gram. There is also a button that will bring the player back to their received Jam-A-Grams, but the created card will be deleted if the player goes back before sending it.

Secret Valentine

During the Friendship Festival, a player can choose to send a gift or message as a Secret Valentine. That means the receiver of the jam-a-gram won't be able to view the sender and it will instead appear as Secret Valentine. The receiver can't reply to this jam-a-gram either.


  • The name relates to the telegram, an old form of mail back from the 1800s.
  • The JAG Inbox can only hold up to 500 Cards before the Jammer will no longer receive them. When this happens, the Jammer sending the JAG will get a message saying that the recipient's inbox is full.
  • The default JAG message was always "Animal Jam Rocks!", but it was changed to "AJ Classic Rocks!" when the official name of the Animal Jam Flash game was changed to Animal Jam Classic.
  • If the message typed in a JAG is deemed inappropriate by the chat filters, the sent JAG will display the default "AJ Classic Rocks!" message instead. This can make JAG communication difficult, as the chat filter is not always accurate, and there is no way to tell if a message is considered inappropriate until after the other Jammer receives it.
  • Members received their Monthly Member Gifts via JAGs until Diamonds were introduced.
  • AJHQ may send the player a Jam-A-Gram when they are rewarding one of the Plaques.
  • Messages received from AJHQ cannot be replied to and the name-tag button cannot be clicked to see the player card of the sender.
  • Jam-A-Grams are often used during scamming, using the gift function to claim that if a Jammer sends them a gift, they will send back.
  • There used to be a typo with one of the cards saying "Fast as a chetah!", but this was fixed.
  • Jam-A-Grams in the first year of Animal Jam Classic allowed non-members to receive gifts but did not allow them to be opened.
  • After an update in February 2011, buddy requests can be sent to Jammers that are offline and the request will appear as a JAG when the Jammer comes online.
  • Buddy request Jam-A-Grams include "OK" and "Cancel" buttons on the card and they are automatically deleted once the player clicks either button.
  • Originally, members could not send custom messages in a JAG. It wasn't until an update in March 2012 that this feature was added.
  • Custom Jam-A-Grams were originally supposed to be tested by members, but this seems to have been forgotten and this feature was kept members-only.
  • Originally, JAG messages did not include a report button. This was added sometime around April 2012.
  • In February 2012 there was an art contest to design a new JAG. The winner, Mythical Therabbit, created the art that inspired the "Best Friends" card.
  • Before the Jammer Wall was introduced in June 2015, Jam-A-Grams were the only way to send messages to offline Jammers.
  • When some of the original cards were brought back at the end of 2015, there was a glitch that prevented them from having a custom message. However, this glitch has since been fixed.
  • Jammers may choose to allow everyone, buddies only or nobody to be able to send them Jam-A-Grams.
  • There was originally a Jam-A-Gram background that featured Mira on it, but when used to send gifts, the recipient would never see the attached gift. In 2016, AJHQ recovered some of the lost gifts and sent them to the recipient using the Mira Jam-A-Gram, which was later removed from the background choices.
  • Jam-A-Grams are also in Play Wild and while all Jammers can send Jam-A-Grams except Guest Jammers, Jam-A-Grams in Play Wild can only be sent to buddies.
  • Pets cannot be sent through Jam-A-Grams.
  • On February 1st, 2018, an update for the Friendship Festival allowed Jammers to send gifts or messages as a secret valentine. Many new stamps were also added during this time.
  • Most of the original cards were removed as of some time in early 2018.


  • When assets in-game aren't loading fast enough, and the Jam-A-Grams are opened, the page will display the hexadecimal codes of every assigned image.
  • There is a glitch where the typed text will bypass the 70 character limit and roll over, requiring the player to select the first assigned option, "Hello", instead. The photo in the background then becomes dark gray and the player is unable to close. 
  • There is a glitch that removes the text and it just shows the background. It also moves the background in the top at the left of the screen. 
  • There is a glitch where the text will briefly say "Thanks for playing with me!" and then quickly turn into the main option. 
  • There used to be a glitch in the Sol Arcade card where the player could erase "Which way to the Sol Arcade?" and type any message they wanted. However, once it reached the other jammer, it reset to its default text. This glitch has since been patched and the text is now in a straight line instead of diagonal. 
  • There is a glitch where if a Jammer has too many unopened Jam-A-Grams, some of them will disappear. 
  • There is a glitch where when receiving a gift from the Daily Spin, the gift will be put in your Jam-A-Grams. 


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