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This article is about the game. For the item, see Jamaa Derby (Item).

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Jamaa Derby is a multiplayer racing game that was introduced on May 10, 2012. It has 2 modes, "Normal" and "Pro", very similar to Splash and Dash. It can be found in Jamaa Township, the Sol Arcade, and the Horses Only Party.


The objective of this game is to race against other 5 horse players and reach the finish line before others. Players can control their horses by pressing a space key or simply right-clicking to jump to avoid any obstacles appearing ahead of them, varying from sizes and types.

The player can also use boosts by clicking the button that displays three carrots. There is a limit of three boosts and a carrot will gray out once it is used; making it unusable through the race.


Pro mode can be accessed and unlocked by winning first place a total of ten times in Normal mode. The main differences between Normal and Pro mode are the gray selection on the bottom and more obstacles in between. Each rank of Pro mode (except for the last place) also rewards more Gems compared to the same rank in Normal mode.


This game rewards the competitors with Gems depending on the order in which they cross the finish line.

Ribbon and Position Reward (Normal) Reward (Hard)
1st 1st Place 100 Gems 150 Gems
2nd 2nd Place 75 Gems 125 Gems
3rd 3rd Place 50 Gems 100 Gems
4th 4th Place 40 Gems 75 Gems
5th 5th Place 30 Gems 50 Gems
6th 6th Place 25 Gems  25 Gems


There are nine achievements that can be earned in Jamaa Derby:

Achievements Description
Trot! Trot! Play Jamaa Derby 10 times
Canter! Canter! Play Jamaa Derby 25 times
Stallion! Stallion! Win 50 races in Jamaa Derby
Foal! Foal! Win 10 races in Jamaa Derby
Mare! Mare! Win 25 races in Jamaa Derby
Gallop! Gallop! Play Jamaa Derby 50 times
Jamaa Cup! Jamaa Cup! Win 5 Jamaa Derby races in a row in Pro Mode
Thoroughbred! Thoroughbred! Win 15 Jamaa Derby races in Pro Mode
Perfect Race! Perfect Race! Complete a Jamaa Derby race in Pro Mode without hitting an obstacle


  • Members can use their own customized horses if they have one, while non-members or players without a horse use a brown or tan horse of varying shades.
  • Sometimes, players can tie for a ranking and get the same reward.
  • This is one of the few games that features one of the animals, like Splash and Dash and Swoopy Eagle.
  • This is the land version of Splash and Dash, which features similar gameplay styles.
  • The game appears to be based on Atari's Steeplechase.
  • For some reason, the game can't be played as a Clydesdale Horse, but it's possible that this may change later on.
  • Before Kimbara Outback was discovered, it used to be at the bottom left corner in Jamaa Township, after Kimbara Outback was discovered, it was moved a bit to the right.


  • Speed boosts can be used immediately when an obstacle is failed, cancelling out any loss of speed caused by the obstacle.
  • The speed boost is not cancelled by obstacles, allowing players to rush through a longer obstacle rather than attempting to jump over it.
  • If a speed boost is used before another speed boost has finished, a portion of the previous boost will be wasted because the speed effect does not stack up.
  • Some of the shorter obstacles are immediately followed by another obstacle, requiring the player to jump before they reach the first obstacle in the series to avoid landing in the second obstacle.
  • The longest obstacles require the player to jump at the very last moment to successfully clear them.
  • Doing a perfect run by using all three-speed boosts without overlapping them and without hitting any obstacles will always guarantee a 1st place ranking.
  • If a player uses the speed boosts sparingly, as opposed to using them all immediately, they will be able to recover from up to three missed jumps, resulting in a faster overall finish time.
  • If the player uses the spacebar button to jump instead of using the mouse button, they can dedicate the mouse button to clicking the speed boost carrots, allowing them to activate a speed boost faster than if they were only using the mouse button for both tasks.
  • Robot players can use emoticons during a race without any delay, but real players do not have this advantage, and using emoticons during a race can cause a player to make mistakes.
  • If a player focuses on the other horses' jumping or Emotes, they may become distracted and miss jumps.


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