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The Jamaa Journal is a series of newspaper articles produced every other Thursday throughout the years. It displays updates, patched glitches, and other Animal Jam news, including new animals, new lands, and exciting deals.


Archives of previous Jamaa Journal editions

Volume 5

Volume 9

Volume 10

Volume 12

Volume 16

Volume 25

Volume 27

Volume 39

Volume 42

Volume 43

Volume 44

Volume 111

Volume 113

Volume 114

Volume 115

Volume 116

Volume 117

Volume 118

Volume 165

Volume 166

Volume 169

Volume 170

Volume 171

Volume 172

Volume 173

Volume 174

Volume 175

Volume 177

Volume 178

Volume 179

Volume 180

Volume 181

Volume 182

Volume 183

Volume 184

Volume 185

Volume 186

Volume 187

Volume 188

Volume 189

Volume 190

Volume 191

Volume 192

Volume 193

Volume 194

Volume 195

Volume 196

Volume 197

Volume ???


  • It was originally released once a week, but that changed in February 2011 when it started being released once every two weeks instead.
  • Volume #191 was the only issue to be released on a Wednesday rather than a Thursday.
  • On April 12, 2012, the style of the journal completely changed. Its white paper-like background was changed to a tan parchment-like style, the footer with the paw-print page number was removed, and a colorful patterned header was added to each page.
    • The updated style also included buttons on the first page that lead to some of the other pages. The last of these buttons, however, would open a browser window outside the game and connect to The Daily Explorer.
  • On October 11, 2012, the page numbers returned for each page except the first and they were repositioned to the left of the header.
  • On May 11, 2017, the style of the journal completely changed again. The tan parchment background was replaced by a wooden panel overlaid with lighter parchment, the volume number was removed from the first page, the patterned header was replaced with a pinned wood sign, the page numbers were removed once again, and a navigation strip listing an icon for each page was added at the bottom.
    • One feature that was removed with this update was the link to The Daily Explorer.
  • Typically, the seasonal party is changed every other volume of the journal.

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