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Jamaa Township is the main town area in Jamaa. It is the first area New Jammers are sent to when they join Animal Jam Classic. It connects to a majority of the other land areas in Jamaa, with a path leading to the Lost Temple of Zios to the east, Sarepia Forest to the northeast, Appondale to the west, and Kimbara Outback to the southwest.


Jammers take this land, or room, as an opportunity to trade, advertise events, and start random flash mobs. Jamaa Township includes shops like Jam Mart Clothing, Jam Mart Furniture, the Diamond Shop, and Alpha Headquarters. All four shops host sales, discounts, and often contain limited edition items. Jamaa Township also has fun leisure centers like the Sol Arcade or the Pillow Room. The one unspecified animal is the ladybug which shows up at random times. Jamaa Township is decorated according to the current season or holiday.


  • Sol Arcade - Located just down and left of the town center is a large straw hut with a rocket ship facade for the entrance. This is a place where Jammers can play many Games, purchase arcade machines for their own Dens, and buy a variety of space-themed den items.
  • Club Geoz - Far down to the bottom left of the township is a tall house that is sparsely decorated as a dance club. Here, Jammers can play some games and enjoy a club-themed environment.
  • Pillow Room - At the northeast corner of Jamaa Township is a small straw hut with a Buddies sign hanging in front of it. This location has no specific activities, but it offers a relaxing environment of pillows to hang out in.
  • Jammer Central - Situated in the center of the township is a large, interactive bulletin board. Jammers can use this board to browse featured artwork from other players and submit their own content to AJHQ for various activities such as contests. While it was once possible to submit short messages known as Howls, this feature has since been discontinued.


  • Jam Mart Clothing - Located just above and to the left of the town center is a large, castle-like building. This is where the majority of clothing accessories in Jamaa are sold. It is also one of the few places with a clothing Recycling machine.
  • Jam Mart Furniture - On the top right of this area is a large building amidst a bamboo forest. Inside this place is the primary den item shop for Jamaa. It also includes a den item recycling machine for converting old items back into Gems.
  • Diamond Shop - Positioned just below the center of the township on the right is an elegant, dome-roofed building clad in diamonds. This shop sells a variety of things, all of which can only be purchased with Diamonds.
  • Alpha Headquarters - At the very bottom right of Jamaa Township, there is another castle-like structure in the former location of Club Geoz, which collapsed as a result of the Lines of Power. It features armor themed on the six main Alphas, which can be purchased with Diamonds. This is the third Diamond store and the second land Diamond store in Jamaa.


  • Jamaa Derby - In the derby, members use their own avatar if they have a Horse, while non-members use a generic horse with no accessories. They have to click the screen or press the spacebar to jump over obstacles (mud pools, hay piles, large puddles, patches of tall grass), making sure their timing is right to clear all obstacles. The three carrots signify the boost buttons, which can be used three times to get ahead of other horses. Emoticons are placed to the left and right of the carrots (cool, sneaky, wink, :P, surprise, and tired). Once the player pass the finish line, their avatar dances. Then, a box pops up with the ranking list, and at the bottom is a fun fact. Outside the game, first-place winners have their ribbon next to their avatar for a few minutes.
  • Ducky Dash - This is a members-only mini-game. The player must have a pet duck to play. The objective is to swim away from tidal waves, tsunamis, or rivers and avoid obstacles. Catching rubber duckies will earn the player Gems, but once they get sucked into the waves, it is game over. This game replaced River Race in 2012.



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