The Jamaa Township Portal is a non-member den item. It was formerly sold at the Diamond Shop and was released on July 27, 2017. It was sold for only 4 days as part of a Wild Weekend sale.


This item shows a small picture of Jamaa Township, indicating where the player will be going when they enter the portal. It is enveloped in nine grey stones that glow in eight different colors. The largest stone in the center is engraved with a symbol that resembles a clock or a compass. The rest of the stones are engraved with a rectangular spiral pattern, which are smaller than the center. There are eight different color varieties of the portal.


  • It is the only one of all the Land Portals that is for non-members.
  • When hovered over in a den, a large orange arrow appears.
  • When clicked in a den, the player is taken to Jamaa Township.
  • It is based on the Stone Arch Den Portal, but without the colorful portal center and the glowing shapes.
  • It is one of many portals of the Den Portal series.


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