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This article is about the gifts received during 2015. For other years, see Jamaaliday Gift Calendar.

The Jamaaliday Gift Calendar is a feature that distributes Jamaaliday-themed items, taking the place of the Daily Spin. Each gift is only available for one day, and certain days also include a Diamond gift, mostly around every two to three days. All Jammers, members and non-members, can receive these gifts by logging into the game every day during the month of December.


Day Date Item Receive Diamond
#1 December 1, 2015 Jamaaliday Welcome Mat Jamaaliday Welcome Mat No
#2 December 2, 2015 Jamaaliday Centerpiece Jamaaliday Centerpiece No
#3 December 3, 2015 Dark Red Candy Cane Socks Candy Cane Socks Yes
#4 December 4, 2015 SnowmanInTheBox Snowman in the Box No
#5 December 5, 2015 Gingerbread mask w- name Gingerbread Mask Yes
#6 December 6, 2015 IcicleHorn2 Icicle Horn No
#7 December 7, 2015 Jamaaliday-Gift 2015 Jamaaliday-Hedge Blue-Red-Pink Jamaaliday Hedge No
#8 December 8, 2015 Jamaaliday-Gift 2015 Jamaaliday-Spiral-Hedge Jamaaliday Spiral Hedge Yes
#9 December 9, 2015 Jamaaliday Scarf Light Blue Jamaaliday Scarf No
#10 December 10, 2015 Marshmallow Snowman Jamaaliday Gift Calendar 2015 Marshmallow Snowman No
#11 December 11, 2015 Hot Cocoa Set Hot Cocoa Set Yes
#12 December 12, 2015 Blue Snowflake Balloon Snowflake Balloon No
#13 December 13, 2015 Jamaaliday Bells Jamaaliday Bells No
#14 December 14, 2015 Jamaaliday-Gift 2012 Bow-And-Arrows Red crop Bow and Arrows Yes
#15 December 15, 2015 North Pole North Pole No
#16 December 16, 2015 Misshapen Jamaaliday Gift - Jamaaliday Calendar 2015 Misshapen Jamaaliday Gift Yes
#17 December 17, 2015 Hatandbeardcalendar Hat And Beard No
#18 December 18, 2015 Jamaaliday-Gift 2012 Marshmallow-Chair crop Marshmallow Chair No
#19 December 19, 2015 Jamaaliday-Gift 2012 Cookie-Table Cookie Table No
#20 December 20, 2015 Jamaaliday-Gift 2015 Sleigh-Runway Sleigh Runway No
#21 December 21, 2015 Candy Cane Tie Candy Cane Tie No
#22 December 22, 2015 Gift Gingerbread-Tophat Brown-Blue-Orange Gingerbread Top Hat No
#23 December 23, 2015 Jamaaliday-Gift 2015 Gingerbread-Wings Brown-Purple Gingerbread Wings Yes
#24 December 24, 2015 Festive Lights 4 Festive Lights No
#25 December 25, 2015 Sweater Holiday Sweater Yes
#26 December 26, 2015 Poofy Rug Glitch Poofy Rug No
#27 December 27, 2015 Ice Cave Ice Cave No
#28 December 28, 2015 Icicle Lights Icicle Lights Yes
#29 December 29, 2015 Anemone Head Bow new tan Anemone Head Bow No
#30 December 30, 2015 Winter Mailbox Jamaaliday Gift Calendar Winter Mailbox No
#31 December 31, 2015 Jamaaliday-Gift 2015 Zios-Ice-Statue Zios Ice Statue No


  • This is the first Jamaaliday Gift Calendar to offer Diamonds to all Jammers instead of only members.
  • On December 24, 2015, the day when the Festive Lights were given out, a magenta variant of the item could be obtained for a while until it was removed and replaced by seven other variants of the item.
  • The present boxes are numbered in a pattern: short blue box with a purple bow, a tall light red box with a dark red bow, and a light green box with an orange bow, this excludes the last two days.
  • The time at which a new gift arrives is dependent on the server's time, not the Jammer's local time; so for many Jammers, the new gift arrives at some other time of the day instead of arriving around midnight.