Not to be confused with the Gingerbread House (Den).

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The Jamaailday House is a members-only land den that was first released on December 3, 2015. It has been sold in the Dens section of the Diamond Shop each year since its release.


The Jamaaliday House is an updated version of the Gingerbread House Den. It consists of a two story house that is set in a snow-covered landscape with snow capped mountains in the background. The house seems to be made out of gingerbread that is decorated with various candies and frosting. The inside of the house includes a small chocolate pool that is lined with drops of chocolate and dollops of whipped cream which turns Jammers brown when they swim in it. Outside the house, there is a cookie pathway that is lined with frosting and leads to a campfire area with giant marshmallow seats. There is another path consisting of broken cookies and lined with various colors of Paw Candy; this path leads to a small, raised platform that seems to be made of gingerbread and various candies, just like the main house.


  • It is featured at the top the Epic Dens list titled as "Jamaaliday House", where it is decorated by AJHQ for the Jamaalidays.
  • The effects of the chocolate hot tub are similar to that of the mud pit in Appondale.
  • It is used for the Jamaaliday Jam party.
  • This den is based on the Gingerbread House, but with an expanded outside area.


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