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Adventure Jamaaliday-Rescue

Jamaaliday Rescue is a Jamaaliday-themed Adventure that is available for all Jammers. This adventure was released on December 12, 2014, and it returns seasonally each year. The primary goal of the adventure is to navigate a series of mazes while collecting presents to unlock rewards.


1. As players spawn in the adventure, a Deer named Darter will inform the players about the Phantoms stealing all the Jamaaliday presents, they reveal that the Phantoms have hidden them inside a giant ice labyrinth in hopes of ruining the Jamaalidays. It is up to the players to retrieve as many gifts as possible and save the Jamaalidays. Players will need to find the center of the ice labyrinth while collecting presents as they go. The more gifts they collect, the more prizes they will earn.

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2. The first section of the map is a maze that contains 33 presents. There are at least three versions of this maze that each have different layouts.

  • Above the first maze is a small area where the NPC Disco is located; this area contains 7 presents.
  • The next maze above Disco contains 36 more presents. There are at least four versions of this maze that each have different layouts.
  • The bottom-left of this maze has a blocked passage where Jammers can hop to open a door. Inside this passage are an additional 16 presents. This passage ends with a slide that leads back to Disco.
  • The bottom-right of this maze mirrors the above.

3. Above the second maze is a long, narrow area where the NPC Pouncer can be found. This area also holds the next 7 presents.

4. The next maze above Pouncer contains the bulk of the presents, 129 in total. There are at least five versions of this maze that each have different layouts.

  • At the bottom-left of this section there is another blocked passage acessible through players hopping together, inside are 16 presents and a slide to return to Pouncer.

5. To the bottom-right of the third maze is another narrow area where the NPC Venus is located; there are only 5 presents in this area.

6. The final maze section, below and to the right of Venus, contains 47 presents. There are at least three versions of this maze that each have different layouts.

  • To the bottom-left of Venus is a hop accessible passage, 16 presents are located inside.

7. At the bottom-left of the last maze is the final area where the NPC Quasar can be found. This area contains the last 22 presents. This area also contains the final treasure chest and the portal to exit the adventure.


Players receive prizes depending on how many gifts they collect during this adventure. Non-members can open one reward for each threshold that is passed, while members get to open two. In the center, there is also a large treasure chest that distributes member and non-member prizes.

75 Presents[]

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Non-Member Items Member Items
Jamaaliday-Rescue 250-NM Thin-Pine-Tree Thin Pine Tree Phantom snowman Phantom Snowman
Jamaaliday-Rescue 150-NM Medium-Pine-Tree Medium Pine Tree Jamaaliday-Rescue 150-M Candy-Cane-Archway Candy Cane Archway
Round pine tree Round Pine Tree Ice Phantom Ornament Ice Phantom Ornament
Jamaaliday-Rescue 250-NM Small-Heat-Lamp Small Heat Lamp Jamaaliday-Rescue 075-M Frozen-Phantom-Guard Frozen Phantom Guard

150 Presents[]

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Non-Member Items Member Items
Advent-Calendar-2012 Gingerbread-House Gingerbread House Giant snowman Giant Snowman
Jamaaliday-Rescue 150-NM Snow-Table Snow Table Shop Gingerbread Tree Gingerbread Tree
Jamaaliday-Rescue 150-NM Snow-Dresser Snow Dresser Jamaaliday-Rescue 150-M Giant-Heat-Lamp Giant Heat Lamp
Jamaaliday-Rescue 150-NM Snow-Ottoman Snow Ottoman Giant jingle bell Giant Jingle Bell

250 Presents[]

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Non-Member Items Member Items
Snow lamp Snow Lamp Jamaaliday-Rescue 300-M Rare-Deer-Antlers crop Rare Deer Antlers
Snow chair Snow Chair Jamaaliday-Rescue 300-M Rare-Snow-Trail-Shoes crop Rare Snow Trail Shoes
Jamaaliday-Rescue 250-NM Snowflake-Banner Snowflake Banner Jamaaliday-Rescue Rare-Striped-Scarf Rare Striped Scarf
Hot Cocoa Set Hot Cocoa Set Jamaaliday-Rescue 300-M Rare-Parka crop Rare Parka

350 Presents[]

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Non-Member Items Member Items
Jamaaliday-Rescue Rare-Elf-Shoes crop Rare Elf Shoes Jamaaliday-Rescue Rare-Jamaaliday-Earmuffs Rare Jamaaliday Earmuffs
Rare jamaaliday scarf Rare Jamaaliday Scarf Jamaaliday-Rescue Rare-Holiday-Sweater crop Rare Holiday Sweater
Prize Rare-Quilted-Blanket Rare Quilted Blanket Jamaaliday-Rescue Rare-Snowflake-Boots Rare Snowflake Boots
Prize Jamaaliday-Rescue Rare-Old-Blanket Rare Old Blanket Jamaaliday-Rescue Rare-Deer-Fur Rare Deer Fur

Center Treasure Chest[]

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Non-Member Items Member Items
Jamaaliday-Rescue End-NM Frozen-Fountain Frozen Fountain Jamaaliday-Rescue Snow-Couch Snow Couch
Treasure Final-NM The-Gift-Express The Gift Express Jamaaliday-Rescue Snow-Speaker Snow Speaker
Gift Ornament Gift Ornament Jamaaliday-Rescue 150-M Frozen-Pet-House Frozen Pet House
Phantom ornament Phantom Ornament Snow tv Snow TV


  • It is the first adventure to be directly accessed from the Party Menu.
  • It is the second party-style adventure that can be accessed without starting with a group.
  • It is the third adventure not to include any of the Alphas.
  • The dates it returned on are December 3, 2015, December 1, 2016, November 30, 2017, November 30, 2018, November 29, 2019, December 3, 2020, December 2, 2021, December 1, 2022, and November 30, 2023.
  • The adventure shares similarities to Twists And Turns and Bitter Sweets.
  • This is the only Jamaalidays-themed adventure.
  • In 2021-2022, the hop accessible passages were changed to 4 players needed.


  • There is a glitch where animals can walk through walls when pressing the up or down arrow key hard. This glitch has yet to be fixed on some computers.
  • There is another glitch where an open space in one part of the maze will not allow players to walk through and will make their avatars go around it.
  • There is a glitch on some versions of this map where it is impossible to collect all the presents. This is because the last maze section is accessed from two different slides, each of which contains a present, and there is no way back to the previous section after one of the slides is used.
  • Some of the walls of the maze are not aligned with the other sections, displaying gaps that cannot be traversed.
  • In some cases exclamation boxes will replace presents.

Differences in 2014[]

Differences in 2015[]


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