The Jamaalidays is a seasonal event in Jamaa. It was first introduced in 2010 and it returns every year around the end of November and lasts through December, ending in January. It also returns in July as part of the Jamaalidays in July mini event.


Jamaa-Township Ice-Mira-Statue

Frozen Statue Of Mira

Throughout Jamaa, many areas are decorated with presents, colorful lights, festive evergreens, ornaments, candy, and other miscellaneous holiday den items. In the town, the buildings and the landscape are blanketed with white snow and the river that runs through becomes frozen solid. Another significant change to the town occurs at Mira's Statue, where it is replaced with an ice sculpture similar to the Ice Mira Statue item.

Daily Gifts

During the celebrations of the Jamaalidays, the Daily Spin has been replaced with the Jamaaliday Gift Calendar since 2011. This feature allows all Jammers to claim specific gifts when they enter the game. This gifts rewarded range from clothing to den items and even Diamonds on some days.

Jamaaliday Jam

Introduced in 2011, the Jamaaliday Jam was one of the first parties and quickly became a regular part of the Jamaalidays. Set in a Gingerbread House Den, this party sells various Jamaalidays-themed den items and also provides access to the Pet Reindeer adoption icon.

Jamaaliday Rescue

Starting in 2014, the Jamaaliday Rescue seasonal adventure has become a regular part of the Jamaaliday festivities. In this adventure, Jammers must navigate an icy labyrinth filled with presents that the Phantoms have stolen. The Jammers are tasked to make their way to the center of the adventure while collecting as many presents as they can along the way. In order to collect all of the presents, Jammers must work together to unlock hidden passages. This adventure rewards a variety of seasonal prizes.

Jamaalidays in July

Jamaa-Journal Vol-122 Jamaalidays-In-July

One of the first advertisements for Jamaalidays in July

Starting in 2014, some of the Jamaaliday celebrations returned for a short period during the summertime in Jamaa. In particular, this included the return of the Jamaaliday Jam party during this time frame. The party often has new items that were not available during the previous Jamaalidays.


The following items are based on the Jamaalidays, although not all of them return every year.


Item Members-Only?
Wreath Necklace No
Holiday Sweater No
Reindeer Mask Yes

Den Items

Item Members-Only?
Snowman Family No
Jamaaliday Lights No
Jamaaliday Bird Feeder Yes



A reindeer pet


  • During December 2012, one of the Monthly Member Gifts was a Gingerbread House Den and a Gingerbread Tree House.
  • Before the Jamaaliday Gift Calendar, Jammers were simply presented with a pile of gifts that they could click to receive the prize of the day.
  • In the original Jamaaliday Gifts, most of the prizes were simply Gems in amounts that increased as the end of the Jamaalidays approached.
  • The Jamaalidays is a combination of several real-world winter holidays, incorporating elements from Advent, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Yule.
  • Before Club Geoz was destroyed and replaced with the Alpha Headquarters, it was changed into a gingerbread house during the Jamaalidays.
  • When Jamaalidays in July returned during 2018, the items in the Jamaaliday Shop could not be purchased due to a glitch.
  • When the Jamaaliday Jam party returned in 2018, the shops were changed to include Diamond items as well as a separate clothing shop.
  • On December 1st, 2018, there was a glitch where you can receive the gift multiple times by refreshing and/or logging in multiple times throughout the day. However it was patched later that day.



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