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The Jammer Wall is a feature that was released on July 9, 2015. On that same day, it was also announced via a video in the Jamaa Journal. It is a testing stage for Members-Only and is accessible via a small chat bubble icon at the top of the screen.



A blank Jammer Wall

The Jammer Wall is divided into three columns: a Masterpiece display on the right where the player may select their most recent Masterpieces, a sticker collection with an optional photo of the owner's animal on the left, and the main messaging system in the center. Each column is framed with decorative wood. At the top of the center column is a Nametag that displays the username of the Jammer Wall's owner. The messages at the center are stacked in a list with a scroll bar on the right side. Each message includes a username at the top, a relative timestamp on the top right, and a picture of the Jammer's active animal avatar at the time of posting


The owner of the wall can customize it by clicking the top left settings button that looks like three horizontal lines. The resulting settings popup has three tabs: wallpaper, stickers, and Masterpieces.

  • The wallpaper tab allows the owner to choose one of several different designs to fill the background of the left and right columns; this wallpaper also affects the background color of the center messaging column. Most of the available designs are based on actual Walls and Floors as seen in certain dens. Initially the wallpaper customization was accessible through a single button to the top left prior to being updated.
  • The stickers tab allows the owner to select up to five stickers to be placed on the bottom of the left column; these stickers include alphas, sports, and a variety of other icons that can be used to represent the player's interests. The player must drag the stickers to be placed, and to remove them they must select them again.
  • The Masterpieces tab allows the owner to select up to three Masterpieces from their den item inventory to be displayed on the right column; this tab also includes a "Create Masterpiece" button to access the Painting activity directly.

In addition to the primary customization settings, the picture frame on the top of the left column can be clicked to set an animated picture using the currently active animal avatar and pet. When clicked, this opens a screen that is identical to the Photo Booth activity. Below the photo frame there is also a push-pinned note that can be clicked to leave a custom message of twenty-one characters or less.


Both visiting Jammers and the wall's owner are able to post messages on the wall. A message can be posted by typing directly into the bottom text box or by clicking the bubble-chat button, the three horizontal lines, and selecting a predefined message. If a custom message is typed in, basic non-animated Emotes can be added by clicking the smiley-face button. The messages have a limit of only seventy characters as indicated at the bottom of the text box. The messages can be customized with one of ten colors and one of fifteen background patterns. When the message is ready to post, players can click the "post" button beside the message box. By default, posted messages appear at the very bottom of the list, but players can choose to reply to other messages directly to change where their message appears in the list; this is done by clicking the blue arrow button when hovering over a message in the list and then clicking the "reply" button.


The owner of a wall has a variety of controls available to manage it.

  • Just to the right of the owner's nametag along the top of the wall is a button with a small broom. When clicked, this will prompt the user on whether or not they wish to delete all current messages from their wall.
  • Just to the right of the cleanup button, there is an access button that controls who can post. This can be changed to nobody (the lock symbol), Buddies-only (the Tiger and Monkey symbol), or everyone (the Tiger and globe symbol).
  • When hovering over any posted message, a button with a recycling can will appear. When clicked, this will remove the selected message from the wall.
  • When hovering over messages posted by other Jammers, a report button appears in the form of a golden badge. When clicked, this provides the same popup to appear as when reporting Jammers from their Player Cards.


  • Although the Jammer Wall is Members-Only, non-Members can still use a Member's Jammer Wall by going onto their Player Card, but they cannot use their own.
  • On messages, buddies of the player are identified with a buddy icon next to their animal.
  • If a Jammer uses different animals and leaves messages on the wall, each message will have the different animal's head.
  • When customizing, a symbol similar to the one used in Eco Items appears in the bottom right corner of the sticker or Masterpiece.
  • There are unreleased Stickers shown in Jammer Wall Membership advertisements.
  • The Jammer Wall originally could display up to six Masterpieces, but that was reduced to only three after the July 25, 2017 update.
  • It was disabled to undergo maintenance for a few days before its update on July 25, 2017.
  • There is a glitch where removing a reply to a message will remove the original message and all replies as well.
  • There is a glitch where certain head items do not show up on the animal selected for the picture frame.
  • There is a glitch that if a Jammer's Membership expires and they become a non-Member, they will still get to keep their Jammer Wall.
  • There is a glitch where when going onto another player's profile card the Jammer Wall button will continually load and be unaccessible.


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