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This article shows where to find every Journey Book element. You may not want to spoil the experience for yourself.

The Journey Book is a feature that was added to Jamaa when ocean areas came out around October 2011. There is a Journey Book page for every land and ocean area except Jamaa Township. The Paradise Party and Call of the Alphas Party each have a Journey Book page as well. To complete the book, Jammers must find and click the specific organisms, objects, or features listed on the page for the area. Once a page is completed, Jammers will receive a prize. New Jammers do not have access to their Journey Books until they find and click on something from it.

When the Journey book was first introduced, only the ocean areas were included. Over time, more pages were added for different areas, places, and parties. The following is an approximate history of when new pages were added along with their prizes:

Prize Page Date
Prize Seahorse-Fountain.png Seahorse Fountain Bahari Bay October 2011
Porthole Fish Tank.png Porthole Fish Tank Deep Blue October 2011
Pufferfish Plushie.png Pufferfish Plushie Crystal Reef October 2011
Journey-Book-Gift Toy-Boat-Pond.png Toy Boat Pond Kani Cove October 2011
Elephant-throne.png Elephant Throne Lost Temple of Zios January 2012
Journey-Book Sarepia-Forest Treehouse.png Treehouse Sarepia Forest March 2012
Journey-Book Mt-Shiveer Red-Panda-Plushie.png Red Panda Plushie Mt. Shiveer March 2012
Acacia Pet Tree1.png Acacia Pet Tree Appondale April 2012
Journey-Book Coral-Canyons Cactus-Chair.png Cactus Chair Coral Canyons May 2012
Journey-Book Gift Lemonade-Stand crop.png Lemonade Stand Crystal Sands June 2012
Journey-Book-Gift Paradise-Throne.png Paradise Throne Paradise Party February 2013
Windmill.jpg.png Windmill Kimbara Outback July 2013
Alpha Archway Prize.png Alpha Archway Call of the Alphas (Middle) June 2017
Alpha fountain.png Alpha Fountain Call of the Alphas (Left) October 2017
Ballooshprizesyspy.png Crescent Moon Window Balloosh February 2018
Alpha Stepping Stones Prize.png Alpha Stepping Stones Call of the Alphas (Right) March 2018


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