Not to be confused with Rare Friendship Bands, or the Freedom Bands.

The Leg Armor is a members-only land clothing item. It was released sometime during the Beta Testing, in Jam Mart Clothing. It later was put on clearance during April 2012 and returned sometime later. It was put on clearance on July 12, 2017, and was removed from stores on July 22, 2017. It was then re-released on May 11, 2018. 


The Leg Armor is a set of anklets that go on each leg made of colorful leaf-like segments. Each anklet has two layers on top of one another. This item comes in ten different varieties, two of which are rare variants.


  • The mobile app Play Wild has a similar Leg Armor item.
  • The brown and green Rare Leg Armor was released for Rare Item Monday on January 20, 2014. It was sold for 400 Gems, 320 Gems more than the original price.
  • The orange and green Rare Leg Armor was sold at the Leap Year Party in February 2012.
    • Despite having "Rare" in its name, it was initially released without a rare tag; the tag was added sometime later in 2012.
  • There is also a non-member, freedom-themed counterpart to the Leg Armor; it is known as the Freedom Bands.
  • This item has a friendship-themed member counterpart, the Rare Friendship Bands, which was released in Special Delivery.
  • It seems to go with the Leaf Necklace.
  • Artwork for an unreleased variant of Leg Armor was seen on the November 16, 2017, edition of the Jamaa Journal, but that color variant has not been found in any game files.
  • On the Kangaroo the leg armor appears on not only the feet, but also the paws



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