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Not to be confused with the Eagle or the Enchanted Eagle.

Legendary eagle yee.png

The Legendary Eagle is a members-only land flying animal that can be used to access areas regular land animals cannot. They were first released on November 21, 2018, as a prize for having five referred friends become members.

Default Appearance

When first received, the Legendary Eagle has the dark lava (or fire) pattern with black, semi-circle eyes. It looks very similar to the Eagle.


Action Description
Sits with wings folded at side and claws splayed on the ground.
Dances and shares dance moves similar to the Tango on the ground. Jumps into the air, twirls, and gracefully lands mid-twirl.
Sleeps on a cloud mid-air, wings draped down, mouth opening and closing, snoring/relaxing.
Hops up and down with wings flapping when in the air.
Circles around, and swoops down with talons out, appearing to catch their prey.


  • When received, the player gets one Eagle that can be changed at any time to any of the four different skins, and new Legendary Eagles can be made again at any time. The player can also change the colors of the patterns.
  • These eagles seem to be centered around the four elements of wood, fire, crystal, and metal.
  • This is the sixth avatar not to represent a real-world animal; however, unlike the other "mythical" animals, it does not have a small pattern; instead, it has a larger pattern covering its entire body, and does not leave a trail of the pattern.
  • It is the seventh flying animal to be released in Animal Jam.
  • When first received, like other animals received in gifts, the default Animal Name is Mister Wonkybuddy.
  • There are 4 variants of the Lava, Crystal, Metal, and Wood patterns. In fact, they have the most variants of animals with special patterns.