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The Light Up Rings Collection is an unofficial set of non-member clothing items. Each of these items has a similar name, similar appearance, and can be obtained from Jazwares Toys promotion codes.


Each ring is small and has a colorful pattern on the band. The rings have giant, colorful gemstones set in the top. Each gemstone has animated particle effects around it and a floating symbol above it. Each ring has only one variety.


Clothing Item Related Toy
Promo-Gift Light-Up-Flower-Ring Light Up Flower Ring Twinkle Panda
Light up horseshoe ring1 Light Up Horseshoe Ring Magic Horse
Promo-Gift Light-Up-Paw-Ring Light Up Paw Ring Lucky Lynx
Promo-Gift Light-Up-Swirl-Ring Light Up Swirl Ring Sparkle Tiger
Light up leaf ring shops Light Up Leaf Ring Unknown
Light up polar swirl ring shops Light Up Polar Swirl Ring Unknown
Light Up Hibiscus Ring Light Up Hibiscus Ring Unknown
Light up heart ring Light Up Heart Ring Unknown