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I am Liza, the panda Alpha. I will be your guide as we travel.
~ Liza introducing herself on The Blue Heron

Liza is the female Alpha of the Pandas and the chief leader of the Alphas. She is an adventurous explorer and normally comes across new lands including Coral Canyons, Mt. Shiveer, and Appondale. She formerly greeted jammers when they first joined Animal Jam, but this role was later given to Peck instead. She briefly appears in several adventures as a major character.


Liza is the Panda Alpha who stands upright on her hind legs. She has bright neon purple eyes with long eyelashes. However, the original Liza simply had dark circles for eyes along with pale fur, as well as dark shading around her eyes, and pink squares right beneath them. She has a triangular black nose. Her ears sit on top of her head, with gray swirls in the middle, and almost looks like a part of her hair. Also, three aquamarine earrings dangle from each ear. Her hair is in a long braid that falls down her back. She wears an aquamarine dress with a golden lining, which is connected by lace at the neck. and a jewel-encrusted belt. She wears black gloves and has a golden ribbon tied around her right ankle. She also has a golden toe ring on her right foot. She normally carries a long wooden staff. Over time, Liza went through a make-over. Originally, she was quite bigger and looked older. But today, she is thinner and has a younger-appearance.


Brave and powerful, Liza is the panda Shaman. She values exploration and intellectual pursuits, and has personally mapped a great majority of Jamaa. She is proud and determined in her manner, and she lets nothing stand in the way of her latest expedition to a far off land. Liza doesn't stand still for long, and never has much time to talk before having to dash off. She created most of the exploration-based challenges in Animal Jam and she presses all animals in the world to document Jamaa. She has a kind, motherly manner about her; very encouraging and very gentle. She believes that anyone can do better, and reach higher.
~ Shaman Animals Lore
Liza, the panda Alpha, travels even more than I do! I can't keep up! If it weren't for Liza's maps, I'd be more lost than found!
~ Arthur, Play Wild's Traveling Salesman


Liza Panda 2

It is noted by the Animal Jam Insider's Guide that she along with the other six original Alphas (not including Peck), came from Earth. It is most likely that she lived in China, which is the only place where Pandas live in the wild. Liza was probably found by Mira and Zios and was asked to be an Alpha because of her personality and nature. It is noted by the Daily Explorer that she traveled to Jamaa by foot, instead of accepting a ride from Mira.


Return of the Phantoms: Liza's first Adventure appearance is in the Return of the Phantoms. She tells the Player what is going on and then teleports somewhere else. She appears at the end of this Adventure congratulating the Player on saving the Bunnies from the Bunny Burrow.

The Phantom Portal: She appears again in The Phantom Portal and complains about the Phantoms locking up the Monkeys and poisoning the Chomper Plants. She then appears again near the end of the adventure asking the Player to give her the Portal Crystals so she can stop the Phantom King from getting through the portal.

Greely's Inferno: She appears at the end of Greely's Inferno after Greely risks his life to stop the volcano's eruption. If talked to after the adventure ends, Liza muses about how she doesn't believe Greely could have made it out of the volcano alive.

The Search For Greely: She appears again in The Search For Greely, where she ambushes Greely along with Cosmo and Graham at the end of the adventure. She seems afraid of Greely and tells the others to look out upon seeing him. When Greely brings up the Phantom Beacon she seems horrified and anxious. After the adventure has ended, if she is spoken to again, she talks about how she never believed the myth of the Phantom Fortress could be real.

The Forgotten Desert: Another appearance of hers is in The Forgotten Desert where she asks the Player to find all of the Crystal Shards so the Phantoms in the land can disappear. She gives a hint to the Player that the easiest to find are the Green Shards because they are left lying around.

Bubble Trouble: She is seen at the beginning and end of Bubble Trouble, where she asks the Player to explore underwater and rescue the Dolphins. At the end of this adventure, she finds out about the Phantoms making a factory to either reproduce Phantoms or create weapons to use against Jamaa. She looks utterly terrified and complains about it wildly.

In Too Deep: Liza appears yet in another underwater adventure called In Too Deep where she assigns the Player to explore the Phantom Factory. She appears at the end of this Adventure congratulating the Player and then exclaims in shock about the Player mentioning Tavie. She explains who Tavie is before In Too Deep ends.

Turning The Tide: Liza only appears at the end of this Adventure, where she thanks the Player for rescuing Tavie. Along with this, if spoken to again, she mentions how brave the Player is.

The Trials of Zios: Liza appears at the beginning of the adventure with Sir Gilbert, and gives a player an introduction to the adventure.

The River's Heart: She appears at the end with everyone else.


Teleportation- Liza has the ability to warp from one location to another like the other alphas. When she teleports, a big pink flower wraps around her.

Alpha Staff- Liza uses her alpha staff to fight phantoms. The ability of this staff can be seen in more details in the Animal Jam book series.


  • During the Beta days and early 2011, there was an interview with Liza called "Liza's Answers" where Jammers were able to send in questions and Liza would answer them.
  • She is named after Eliza Scidmore, an American writer, photographer and geographer who visited Japan many times. She was the first female board member of the National Geographic Society.
  • The meaning of "Liza" is another variant of Elizabeth, which comes from the Hebrew origin meaning "oath of God" or "worshipper of God". This name suits her perfectly since she worships the Jamaa gods Mira and Zios.
    • Although, her name is pronounced as Aliza, which also comes from the Hebrew origin meaning "joy".
  • She is the most commonly seen Alpha/Shaman in Jamaa.
  • It was stated that her favorite color is pink on her profile page during the Beta Testing.
  • She used to introduce new players to the game in older versions of the tutorial.
  • She was known as Liza, "the curious panda" when she was chosen to be an alpha.
  • Her ears and hair resemble a typical Chinese hairstyle, buns. This could be a reference to the fact that pandas can be found in China.
  • There is also a den based on Liza that can be found in the Diamond Shop, called Liza's Garden.