The Lost Temple Of Zios Portal is a members-only den item. It was released on July 27, 2017, and was formerly sold in the Diamond Shop for only 4 days as part of the Wild Weekend event.


The Lost Temple Of Zios Portal appears as a series of rounded stones that are stacked into an arch. The stones have a colorful, glowing swirl pattern. The center of the arch displays a zoomed-out view of the Lost Temple of Zios. At the base of the portal are small bricks that fit between the two sides of the arch. On the ground surrounding the portal are small, flat stones and tufts of grass. There are eight different color varieties of this item.


  • When hovered over in a den, a large orange arrow appears.
  • When clicked in a den, the player is taken to the Lost Temple of Zios.
  • It is based on the Stone Arch Den Portal, but without the colorful portal center or the varying glowing shapes at the top.
  • It is one of many Den Portals.