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The Lost Temple of Zios is a rainforest-themed area in Jamaa located just east of Jamaa Township. It has several old, temple-like buildings carved from stone, and at the center of the land is a statue of Zios, the creator of Jamaa. The statue was formerly in ruins (hence the name "Lost" Temple of Zios), but was restored on August 31, 2017 following the solar eclipse event. This also opened the Forgotten Archive underneath the statue.

The sky in the area is misty green, and palm trees are scattered around, while even taller tree trunks can be seen in the distance. There is a river flowing out of a cave on the west side, and next to it a passage leading to the Adventure Base Camp that a giant tree with thick roots is growing on top of. Stone paths lead to the different buildings and areas nearby.


  • Brady's Lab - This room is filled with an assortment of content that updates regularly. Many objects in the room will show information about animals or educational videos of simple homemade experiments. This room is also home to the mini-game Brady's Chemistry Set, which allows Jammers to play around with a very simple chemistry set and make different colored concoctions. An achievement can be earned by mixing certain mixtures in a certain order. A doorway in the lab leads to Brady's Theater where Jammers can watch videos of Dr. Brady Barr talking about animals and answering questions sent in by Jammers.
  • Chamber of Knowledge (Also known as the Chamber of Mysteries) - A tall building with a total of three floors and a basement. The main floor is a room that is decorated as a grand library with Minibooks for land, ocean, and flying animals as well as a Safety Quiz. The second room mostly contains armor, weaponry, and the busts of the six original Alphas, along with the mini-games Mira Says and Gem Ball. The third and top-most floor is the Mystery Emporium, containing a shop that sells den items. The Chamber of Knowledge also has a hidden basement, the Basement of Secrets, which can only be accessed by clicking a particular spot on the world map.
  • Zios Statue - In the middle of the clearing, there was once a broken statue of Zios. When more than three Jammers slept next to it, several Phantoms would emerge from the cracks in clouds of purple smoke. On August 31, 2017, the statue was restored due to the solar eclipse and its appearance changed drastically. The statue now levitates above the stairs to The Forgotten Archive. Its color changed from a drab brown to a lustrous gold, and there are beams of sunlight shining down upon it in a similar fashion to Mira's Statue in Jamaa Township. The statue's interactive function was also removed and it no longer produces floating Phantoms if players sleep next to it.
  • Flowers - There are four white flowers next to the game Sssssnake. When clicked, a sound effect and a short animation will play showing each of the flowers enlarge and change colors one by one. There is an equal chance for each flower to turn white, yellow, blue, purple, or pink. If the flowers all turn the same color, a small star effect will begin floating up from them. The effect ends if the flowers are clicked again.
  • Forgotten Archive - A room that is accessed from under the restored Zios Statue. It is filled with old ruins and many scrolls describing Jamaa's history. There is also an upstairs area behind a waterfall that has more clickable books and scrolls. Portals to three adventures are located in here: The Trials of Zios, The Mystery Below, and The River's Heart.


  • Mystery Emporium - Located on the third floor of the Chamber of Knowledge, this shop sells Den Portals and statues of the Alphas. It used to sell several other decorative den items.
  • Basement of Secrets - Hidden in the Chamber of Knowledge is another mysterious shop that can only be accessed through a hidden place on the world map. This shop only sells three den items.
  • Cake Shop - This was a temporary shop for Animal Jam's 7th birthday that only sold one item: the Lost Temple Of Zios Cake.
  • Forgotten Relics - Near the entrance of the Forgotten Archive is a shop that sells Mira and Zios themed clothing.


Games Description
Games Temple-of-Trivia Temple of Trivia Found between the paths to Sarepia Forest and Crystal Sands, this trivia-themed game tests Jammers' knowledge of animals in a competition to see which Jammer can answer the most questions correctly in a short time.
Game Brady-Barrs-Chemistry-Set Brady's Chemistry Set Located in Brady's Lab, this short game allows Jammers to create a colorful potion that will appear above their animal as a Holdable Icon.
Icon of Gem Ball Gem Ball Located on the second floor of the Chamber of Knowledge, this is a pinball-like mini-game where Jammers launch a spring-loaded ball that then bounces off pins to land in different slots.
Icon of Mira Says Mira Says Located on the second floor of the Chamber of Knowledge, this memory-based game challenges the player to memorize an ever-increasing pattern of colors and sounds.
Icon of Falling Phantoms Falling Phantoms Located just to the left of the Chamber of Knowledge and above the entrance to the Adventure Base Camp, this action mini-game challenges a group of Jammers to endure a rain of Phantoms.
Icon of Swoopy Eagle Swoopy Eagle Just above the entrance to the Chamber of Knowledge, this game challenges the player's coordination by requiring them to fly through a narrow path of cacti. This minigame spot can only be accessed by flying animals.
Sssssnakenewspaper Sssssnake Located right by Peck's Painting Easel, in this game, players control their pet snake to eat mice while avoiding accidentally biting their own tail, which continues to grow.


Pet Location
PetSnake Infobox Pet Snake There is a pet adoption icon located along the path to Crystal Sands.

Journey Book[]

The prize for completing this Journey Book page is an Elephant Throne.

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Species Location
TheLostTempleofZiosJourneyBookHibiscus Hibiscus To the left of the Chamber Of Knowledge.
TheLostTempleofZiosJourneyBookPrayingMantis Praying Mantis To the left of Brady Barr's Laboratory atop a bush.
TheLostTempleofZiosJourneyBookMonitorLizard Monitor Lizard Will crawl on a rock just below the entrance to Brady Barr's Laboratory.
TheLostTempleofZiosJourneyBookVineSnake Vine Snake Hanging from a tree to the right of Brady Barr's Laboratory.
TheLostTempleofZiosJourneyBookDragonfly Dragonfly Flying around the whole area every now and then.
TheLostTempleofZiosJourneyBookWaterStrider Water Strider Will swim outside a cave South West of the Chamber Of Knowledge.
TheLostTempleofZiosJourneyBookPitcherPlant Pitcher Plant Hanging on the right of the Temple Of Trivia.
TheLostTempleofZiosJourneyBookColugo Colugo Will climb down the wall to get into the adventure base camp on the right.
TheLostTempleofZiosJourneyBookNeedlefish Needlefish Swim in the water around the cave the water strider in; near the bridge of stones in the water.
TheLostTempleofZiosJourneyBookTurtle Turtle Will craw out from behind the yellow/golden rock near the entrance of Crystal Sands.
TheLostTempleofZiosJourneyBookPython Python Click the mouse to the left of Brady Barr's Laboratory and the python will slither down.


Journey Book of Lost Temple of Zios

The completed Journey Book page on Lost Temple of Zios

  • The Lost Temple of Zios was inspired by Angkor Wat in Cambodia.[1] The area's Journey Book entries also match with this, including wildlife from jungles in southeast Asia.
  • Before the addition of the Forgotten Archive, there was a myth that if enough players slept next to the Zios statue, they would get a special prize. However, there has never been evidence to support the myth. This myth is similar to the myth of the unbreakable ice in Mt. Shiveer or the bridge in Coral Canyons.
  • During the early stages of Beta Testing, there was a stone statue of a monkey in the center of the area instead of the broken Zios statue. The statue was replaced by the broken Zios statue at a later point in the Beta Testing.
    • The stone monkey statue was later turned into a den item, the Beta Monkey Statue, which appears identical to the real statue.
  • On the World Map, the Lost Temple of Zios shows up as simply "Temple of Zios".
  • During the Jamaa Eclipse event, this land was darkened for the event. This caused a bug where the Zios statue was not interactive and Phantoms would not spawn if players slept next to it. This bug was never officially fixed, as the Zios statue was replaced by the entrance to the Forgotten Archive in the next update.
  • According to a 2010 design mockup for the Beta Animal Jam homepage, the Lost Temple of Zios was originally going to named "The Lost City of Zios".
  • The signs in the Lost Temple of Zios that point to other areas were removed at some point for unknown reasons.


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