This article is about the music item. For the adventure, see Lucky Clovers.
Not to be confused with the Happy-Go-Lucky music.

Lucky Clovers is a members-only musical den item. It is sold at the Diamond Shop during the Lucky Day season and was first released on April 2, 2014.


Lucky Clovers first begins with bagpipes playing in the background and a harp playing the main melody. The melody transfers over to some string instruments for a few phrases until it finally switches to the bagpipes for the majority of the song. Towards the end, the melody switches over to a flute-like instrument. A variety of drums, including some type of snare drum, are playing in the background, and overall, it has a distinct Irish feel.

Cover Art

The cover art shows a white-and-gold treasure chest with a green lock on top of a hill alluding to the Giant chest in the Lucky Clovers. The cover art is taking off the classic "lucky stereotype" by having the end of a rainbow behind the chest which in most cultures means good luck, fortune and wealth.


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