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Break out your green gear and celebrate all the lucky things in your life! If you explore Jamaa during this festival, a little extra luck might fall your way.
~ Animal Jam Official Insider's Guide

Lucky Day is a special event that takes place during March every year. The purpose of Lucky Day is to celebrate nature and all of its greenery as well as the coming of spring. This event was first introduced in 2011 and it is based on the real-world holiday of St. Patrick's Day.


During this event, much of Jamaa is decorated in green clovers, and many of the stores sell lucky-themed items for a limited time.


There is only one party tied to this event, the Lucky Party. It sells a variety of lucky-themed den items as well as some music.


The special adventure for this event is Lucky Clovers. This adventure rewards many exclusive lucky-themed den items as well as a large variety of clothing prizes, many of which are rares.

Related Items[]

Jamaa-Journal Vol-029 New-Lucky-Day

One of the first advertisements for Lucky Day items was in Jamaa Journal Volume 29.

There are many items based on this event, but not all of them return seasonally. Most items for this celebration have a theme of green colors and clovers.


Land Clothing[]

Land Den Items[]

Underwater Clothing[]

Underwater Den Items[]


  • On March 17, 2016, all three previous lucky-themed rares were re-released for St. Patrick's Day.