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The Lynx is a members-only land animal. It was first confirmed on August 20, 2015, in Volume 153 of the Jamaa Journal. It arrived in Jamaa on September 3, 2015, in the Diamond Shop. It returned on February 3, 2022, as part of the Curious Amethyst Bundle.

Default Appearance

The Lynx has a large head with tufts of fur coming from the bottom ends, with black eyes and some pale magenta markings on them. It has a large body that stretches down to a smaller part. It also has pointy, curved ears as well as large front paws and small back paws. They also have a small, stubby tail and a small tuft of fur sticking out from their forehead.


Acts Description
The Lynx sits with both paws down and its feet in the back.
The Lynx puts its right paw down and its left paw up.
The Lynx sleeps with its head on its paws and feet crouched.
The Lynx hops high with its ears bending down.
A ball of yarn appears. The Lynx starts crouching down, then pounces on it and starts playing with it.


  • They were featured as a promotional gift for the Friendship Bundle during February 2018, the Lovely Lynx Bundle during February 2019, and the Build-Your-Own Terrain Bundle in March 2020.
  • They have their own short called "The Missing Lynx". This could be a reference to the movie of the same name, or the movie "The Missing Link".
  • It is unknown why a hint was not mentioned for the Lynx, as its first mention was only its arrival announcement on the Jamaa Journal.
  • There is a glitch where if the player wears Mech Angel Wings on the Lynx and plays, a Jester Hat will appear on its head. Colors vary by the color of the wings. This has been patched.
  • They have their own Minibook, which was the first minibook to reward an item as a prize. There is also a printable version of this minibook.
  • Unlike other animals, when it came out, the Lynx did not have 'X'ed out' eyes. This has since been fixed.
  • There used to be a glitch when a Lynx wore a Happy Drama Mask and it appeared as a Sad Drama Mask instead, but it was later fixed.
  • The default pattern for the Lynx was originally unavailable, but this was fixed sometime in July 2016.
  • When a lynx wears a Turquoise Necklace, the item's colors will be swapped.
  • When a lynx wears a Silver Ring or Gold Ring it does not appear.


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