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Marbles is a two-player minigame that was first introduced during September 2011. Players can start an open invitation by clicking this game's icon in the Games menu, which will add a popup above their head for any other Jammer to click and join. Alternatively, other players can be challenged to play this game by using the Games tab on Player Cards.


The object of Marbles is to knock out all of the correct marbles before the opponent does. During each turn, the game will indicate the assigned color that must be knocked out. The player must move their mouse around the ring to determine where the gray ball (that knocks out marbles) should go. Once a position is determined, click the marble and shift the arrow in the desired direction of launching. Drag the mouse away from the ball for more power and close to the ball for less power. Marbles of any color can be knocked out by either opponent. On some game boards, there are small structures that can block the path of marbles, causing them to bounce in different directions.


The winner receives 20 Gems. The loser receives 5 Gems and an opportunity to challenge the winning player in a rematch.


The achievements below apply to all buddy games in general:

Achievements Description
Bronze Gamer Bronze Gamer! Play 25 buddy games
Silver Gamer Silver Gamer! Play 50 buddy games
Gold Gamer Gold Gamer! Play 100 buddy games
Platinum Gamer Platinum Gamer! Play 250 buddy games
Winner Winner! Win 10 buddy games
Victor Victor! Win 25 buddy games
Champion Champion! Win 50 buddy games


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