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The Masterpiece is a non-member den item. It was released on May 26, 2016, and it can be purchased when any Jammer submits a drawing at the Painting activity located in the Art Studio.


The Masterpiece appears as a custom art canvas with seventeen different frames: No Frame (formerly Print Frame), Zios Frame, Stone Frame, Wood Frame, Silver Frame, Gold Frame, Mira Frame, Phantom Frame, Friendship Frame, Lucky Frame, Rainbow Frame, Purple Pixel Frame, Blue Pixel Frame, Rainbow Pixel Frame, Ocean Frame, Carnival Frame, Peck's Frame, Liza's Frame, Spring Flower Frame, Sir Gilbert's Frame, Cosmo's Frame, Greely's Frame, Graham's Frame and Gingerbread Frame. Though, some frames have been known to be available for a limited amount of time; whereas some are infinite.

  • No Frame: When a Masterpiece is created with No Frame, it appears having light tan edges and a tan strip of paper taped to the bottom for the artist's username.
  • Wood Frame: The Wood style consists of four strips of wood tied together by tan string with an engraved section on the bottom for the artist's username.
  • Silver Frame: The Silver style has an ornate silver frame that is covered in swirling, leaf-like patterns with a shiny plaque on the bottom for the artist's username.
  • Gold Frame: The Gold style consists of a golden frame that is decorated with wavy and sharp edges with a Nametag-like plaque at the bottom for the artist's username.
  • Stone Frame: The Stone style consists of cracked stone tiles with swirl patterns with a rough-cut plaque at the bottom for the artist's username.
  • Zios Frame: The Zios style has a golden frame with round protrusions on the sides that make the frame look similar to Zios. There is a simple plaque with a gold border at the bottom for the artist's username.
  • Mira Frame: The Mira style has a very thin light-wooden frame on top of a stone-brick pattern. A statue of Mira is partially visible on the top, standing in front of what appears to be an arched and bumpy bush. Vines are wound around the wooden part of the frame with tiny yellow flowers. There is a simple plaque at the bottom for the artist's username.
  • Phantom Frame: The Phantom style is a deep purple with what looks like Phantom Webs emerging from all sides. The webs surround the whole drawing. The username plaque is black with the username written in white.
  • Friendship Frame: The Friendship style is a pink frame that has a heart on all four corners. Roses are scattered on every side. This was sold during the Friendship Festival and is no longer available.
  • Lucky Frame: It has two golden horseshoes at the top and the actual frame is gold with circles with clovers engraved on them at each corner. It also has small clovers all the way around the golden frame. The username plaque is golden and your username is engraved in a darker gold.
  • Rainbow Frame: It has a gold frame with translucent rainbows encircling the sides. There are a few clouds along the frame, That have a sparkly appearance. Also, the username is engraved in small letters in a dark gold with a gold-ish name tag behind, matching the frame. It is a bit similar to the lucky frame.
  • Blue Pixel Frame: The frame consists of multiple pixels of various shades of blue surrounding the sides of the masterpiece and a username plaque made out of golden pixels. There is a gray shadow around the frame.
  • Purple Pixel Frame: The frame consists of multiple pixels of various shades of purple surrounding the sides of the masterpiece and a username plaque made out of golden pixels. There is a gray shadow around the frame.
  • Rainbow Pixel Frame: The frame consists of muti-colored pixels surrounding the black outline of the masterpiece and a white username plaque.
  • Ocean Frame: The frame consists of blue water for the edges with waves along the top and bottom, seaweed along the sides, coral in the corner, and a golden username plaque that includes a starfish at the bottom.
  • Carnival Frame: The frame consists of wooden edges with a striped tent on the top, triangular flag streamers along the bottom, and a cyan username plaque made out of wood at the base.
  • Gingerbread Frame: The frame consists of a gingerbread border with several peppermints candy cane, licorice, and icing toppings.
  • Peck's Frame: The frame consists of fuchsia wood with dark purple patches. There are splotches of blue and purple paint along the frame. A bell similar to Peck's earring hangs from the top right corner of the frame. on the bottom left hand corner, two paintbrushes stick out.
  • Liza's Frame: The frame consists of an aqua wood and what appears to be a wooden camera, similar to the one Liza carries around, with a map on the right of the frame, and a compass on the lower left hand corner. There is also a pencil and multiple flowers scattered around the page.
  • Spring Flower Frame: The frame consists of a tan wood. Little white flowers with yellow centers and lilac tulips. These flowers crawl along the frame by vines that are attached to the wooden base.
  • Sir Gilbert's Frame: The frame consists of large stones around the rectangle shape. Also, there's a gold tassel hanging on the top half and blue and red drapes hanging across either corner.
  • Cosmo's Frame: The frame consists of green vines wrapping around the rectangular shape. Also, there are 2 potion bottles hanging by the side and a red bird standing on one of the vines of the masterpiece. Cosmo's hat can also be seen.
  • Graham's Frame: The frame constists of cogs around the wooden rectangle shape. Graham's goggles can be seen and a belt is wrapped around the masterpiece.
  • Greely's Frame: The frame consists of a rough wood border. Greely's cloak can slightly be seen and there are chains wrapped around the wood border.


  • Despite being a non-member item and having no members lock in creation, they could originally only be created by Members. However, all Jammers were granted the ability to make them during the 2016 and 2017 Jamaalidays.
  • Instead of a regular Diamond symbol on the item, it appears in an inventory with a multi-colored Diamond.
  • If a Masterpiece is not accepted, the artist will receive a Jam-A-Gram regarding the disapproval, and Diamonds spent on it will be automatically refunded.
  • The item view of this has a magnifying glass button in the top right corner of the item that can be clicked to see a close-up view of the painting.
  • Jammers cannot gift, trade, or recycle their Masterpiece until it has been reviewed and approved by AJHQ.
  • Once approved, the Jammer will receive a Jam-A-Gram saying that their Masterpiece has been approved and is now available to gift, recycle, and trade.
  • Unlike the close-up views, the items themselves do not include a name-tag for the artist's name.
  • The nametag in the close-up view for other Jammers' Masterpieces can be clicked to open the Jammers' Player Cards.
  • As of August 4, 2016, Jammers can put their own Masterpieces on their Jammer Wall.
  • When released, the No Frame option was titled as a Print Frame but was later changed.
  • Jammers cannot edit or load another Jammer's .ajart file, which can be used to save a Masterpiece in progress.
  • Initially, it was possible to upload a picture and use that for a masterpiece if the file's extension was overwritten to .ajart, but that is no longer available; thus, it says, "This masterpiece cannot be loaded." or a different pop-up message.
  • There is a technical problem that sometimes causes the masterpiece to never be reviewed, remaining in a player's inventory perpetually.
  • It was originally designed for use in land dens only, but that changed after an update on April 27, 2017.
  • Sometimes when attempting to purchase a masterpiece, a message will pop up saying that the purchase could not be made and to try again later. This is most likely because the user's den inventory is full.
  • On December 6th and 14th of 2017 and December 6th, 14th, and 20th of 2018 during the Jamaalidays, all Jammers were given Masterpiece Tokens. These tokens allow the user to create a masterpiece without the use of diamonds. Additionally, it also allows non-members to create masterpieces.
  • When purchasing a Masterpiece, sometimes a pop up message reading, "Oops! Something has gone wrong and this Masterpiece wasn't submitted. Please try again." will pop up. This message appears directly after spending your Diamonds/Token, and presumably results in the Masterpiece never being reviewed, hence remaining in your inventory.
  • There is a glitch with the silver frame. It would cause the masterpiece to turn smaller, with the silver frame bigger than the masterpiece. This would cause some of the top of the masterpiece to not be shown.
  • There is a glitch with Cosmo's frame that can cause the owner to be unable to reach the arrow to switch the masterpiece's direction, meaning that the masterpiece may only be able to fit on a right wall.
  • If an .ajart file of a masterpiece that has already been approved is submitted, the masterpiece will be approved instantly. However, the approval Jam-A-Gram will not be sent until the player logs in again.


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