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The Matsuri Festival Bundle is a Bundle obtainable from purchasing a membership on the Animal Jam website during September 2019. The bundle comes with 12 Japanese style festival den items, a Raccoon, a Pet Raccoon, and two clothing sets. The bundle was released separately at the Diamond Shop shortly after its release and in September 2020.


The bundle comes with traditional Japanese styled items, such as lantern decorations and traditional Japanese festival outfits. The den items can be found at Japanese festivals.


Clothing Items

Sakura Yukata Outfit

Image Name Type?
Kanzashi flower.png Kanzashi Flower 1Head.png
Sakuragarland.png Sakura Garland 2Neck.png
Sakurayukata.png Sakura Yukata 3Body.png
Pinkzori.png Pink Zori 4Legs.png
Sakuratail.png Sakura Tail 5Tail.png

Happi Coat Outfit

Image Name Type?
Tied headband.png Tied Headband 1Head.png
Taikosticks.png Taiko Drum Sticks 2Neck.png
Happicoat.png Happi Coat 3Body.png
Blackzori.png Black Zori 4Legs.png
Tied tail.png Tied Tail Band 5Tail.png

Den Items


LanternEntrance.png Lantern Entrance
MatsuriTakoyakiBooth.png Matsuri Takoyaki Booth
MatsuriShavedIceBooth.png Matsuri Shaved Ice Booth
FlyingFishFlag.png Flying Fish Flag
LanternDisplayPromoObtained.png Lantern Display
CottonCandyDisplayPromoObtained.png Cotton Candy Display
Maskdisplay.png Mask Display
OdaikoDrumPromoObtained.png Odaiko Drum
TaikoDrumPG.png Taiko Drum
MatsuriCrepeBoothPG.png Matsuri Crepe Booth


  • Matsuri is the Japanese word for festival.
  • Happi coats are worn during festivals and used to be worn by house servants.
  • Zori are traditional sandals.
  • Kanzashis are hair ornaments with flower decorations.