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Not to be confused with the Daily Spin.

The Member Spin is a feature designed for members only as a replacement for the Daily Spin. It was first announced on The Daily Explorer and on AJHQ's Instagram on December 18, 2016, and it was released on January 1, 2017. Every year during the Jamaalidays, it is replaced by the Jamaaliday Gift Calendar.


Instead of the border of the box being made of wood, it appears to be made of solid diamond, with the same layout as the regular Daily Spin for non-members.


Images of Prizes from the Spin

This spin consists of eight tiles: four large single-Diamond slots that take up the space of about three smaller tiles, two double-Diamond slots, and two gift slots. Some of the possible gifts are as follows:

List of Rare Items
Rare Blanket
Rare Bowler Hat
Rare Bunny Hat (2016)
Rare Cowboy Boots
Rare Crimson Topcoat
Rare Curly Wig
Rare Doctor's Bag
Rare Dragon Mask
Rare Dragonfly Wings
Rare Eagle Hat
Rare Epic Antlers
Rare Fairy Princess Hat
Rare Gardening Hat
Rare Gold Cat Hat
Rare Green Pirate Hat
Rare Heart Locket
Rare Heart Skull Helmet
Rare High Top Sneakers
Rare Hula Skirt
Rare Jamaaliday Angel Wings
Rare Jamaaliday Cozy Shoes
Rare Jamaaliday Fancy Top Hat
Rare Jamaaliday Princess Necklace
Rare Jamaaliday Winter Hood
Rare Jamaaliday Winter Jacket
Rare Ladybug Hat
Rare Longbow
Rare Mammoth Tusks
Rare Monster Teeth
Rare Panda Hat
Rare Patched Hat
Rare Pigtails
Rare Pilgrim Hat
Rare Polka Dot Tuxedo
Rare Pumpkin Mask
Rare Reindeer Slippers
Rare Ribbon Scarf
Rare Shutter Shades
Rare Silver Panda Paws
Rare Snowboarding Helmet
Rare Snowflake Balloon
Rare Sparkly Boa
Rare Sparkly Head Bow
Rare Sparkly Shoes
Rare Square Glasses
Rare Stethoscope
Rare Ten Gallon Hat
Rare Tie-Dye Shirt
Rare Turquoise Necklace
Rare Viking Hat
Rare Vine Anklet
Rare Violet Purse
Rare Winged Shoes
Rare Woven Hat
Rare Woven Shoes
Rare Wristwatch
Rare Yeti Face


  • The maximum reward for this spin is 6 Diamonds if the player lands on a double-diamond tile while having a triple bonus (which is obtained by logging in every day for three consecutive days).
  • The primary difference between this spin and the non-member Daily Spin is that this spin does not offer any Gems, though Jammers can still use the Diamond Exchange at the Diamond Shop to buy Gems using the Diamonds they receive.
  • In response to a user request about adding Spiked Collars and Headdresses to the Member Spin, an AJHQ representative on The Daily Explorer said, "Spikes, maybe, but headdresses, no." Another representative for AJHQ said, "For Spikes on the Member Spin you will just need to try and see!" However, there has yet to be any evidence of spikes available as a prize.
  • The weekly member diamond gift was discontinued when this feature was introduced.
  • This was the first of AJHQ's new 2017 member benefits.
  • The Rare Crimson Topcoat, Rare Gold Cat Hat, Rare Green Pirate Hat, Rare Silver Panda Paws, and Rare Violet Purse were added as possible gifts on August 5, 2021.


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